Help with the rising cost of living

We know times are tough right now and we’re here for you. On this page you'll find all the tools and information needed to help support you through the cost of living squeeze.

Worried about missing a payment?

The sooner you get in touch with us, the easier it’ll be to sort things out. If you think you might miss a loan, credit card, or insurance payment – or already have – talk to us as soon as possible. Head to our financial difficulty page for information on what we can do to support you.

To help you stay on track and manage your payments, make sure you’re set up for online and mobile banking.

If you’re worried about your mortgage or other bills, there could be wider support available to you. Some schemes and grants have been put in place specifically to help with this rise in the cost of living.

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    Stay ahead and in control

    • It can be expensive to pay out if things go wrong. Make sure your insurance is up to date. You could spend less on it too, if you’re a Clubcard member. Insurance
    • When there are bumps in the road, it helps to have a safety net. Setting up a savings account, no matter how small, could help you in the future. Savings accounts
    • We often see an increase in fraud during times of uncertainty, but we have plenty of advice on how to spot and stay clear of scammers. Security and fraud centre

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