Home improvement loans

There's no need to move house to own the home of your dreams when you can make improvements to your current abode instead. Building an extension or renovating your bathroom will make for a much more comfortable living space, and could add more value to your house. What's more, moving house can cause major disruption for people who love their existing locations, and for parents whose kids are settled at school.

There are many ways you could fund your new interior, including savings or borrowing. If you haven't had the chance to save up for your home improvement project, but are keen to get started right away, then a personal loan could be an option.

Savvy home improvements

Home is where we relax with our loved ones and recover from a long week at work, so making it look and feel how we want is a priority. There are many ways you can invest in your home to add comfort, style and value.

Restyle your interior

The easiest way to revamp your home is by giving it new decor. If you've gone for a neutral approach in the past, you could try featuring bold colours on your walls or in statement furniture pieces. Or, if you're used to using bright shades and patterns, why not try a more stripped-back look?

Loft conversion

This is a great design decision for homeowners who have loft space but no idea what to do with it. By turning it into another bedroom or play area, you could add value to your home – plus it'll be a novelty to have all that extra space.

Work on your kerb appeal

Refresh your home's exterior by going over any chipped paintwork, and, if you have one, tidying up the front garden. You could even give your windows a makeover by adding shutters to the outside and framing them with some hanging baskets.

Give your garden a makeover

In the summer months, there's nothing better than sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine in a beautifully groomed garden – especially if you enjoy having friends and family over for barbecues and other celebrations.

Add an extra bathroom

Not only is a second (or even a third) bathroom a luxury you'll wonder how you ever lived without, it's also likely to provide a healthy boost to the value of your house. Furthermore, you'll have the chance to start from scratch with the interior, and design a bathroom that totally caters to your needs.

Install a new kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home – as well as being where families cook and eat together, it's where they socialise and catch up on the day's news. If you're going to unleash your creativity upon any room in the house, it should be your kitchen, so shop around for new units and furniture to make it as inviting as possible.