Credit building credit cards

If you’re new to credit or have a bad credit history, here's a way you could improve your credit score.​

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    You can use a credit building credit card to help you work on your credit rating by managing your account well over time. With access to Tesco Bank CreditView you get monthly updates on your credit score, making it simple to track your progress.

      Our Foundation Credit Card

      Our credit card to help you build your credit score

      • Starting credit limits between £200 - £1,500
      • Monthly repayments from just £25
      • Your credit limit will be regularly reviewed
      • Access to your credit report for three years with Tesco Bank CreditView provided by TransUnion
      • Collect Tesco Clubcard points almost everywhere you use your card, plus your usual points in Tesco. Terms apply
      • Applying online is easy and takes 10 minutes.
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      Representative example

      Representative 27.5% APR (variable)
      Interest rate on purchases 27.5% p.a. (variable)
      Assumed credit limit £1200  

      Your credit limit and APR may vary depending on your circumstances and applications are subject to status.

      Can't see the right card for you? There's more to choose from. Check out our full range of credit cards.

        Clubcard points are turned into Clubcard vouchers, see how many more you can get just by using a Tesco Bank Credit Card

        How much do you spend a month?

        Error: Please enter an amount between £0 and £9,999


        Error: Please enter an amount between £0 and £9,999


        Error: Please enter an amount between £0 and £9,999


        Using a Tesco Bank Credit Card, every three months you could get:

        £ 00 .00

        In Clubcard vouchers

        You can use this in Tesco to save money in store, online and at the pump.

        That’s £ more than using your Clubcard alone, just for spending on your Tesco Bank Credit Card.


        Up to

        £ 00 .00

        If you chose to spend with Tesco Clubcard Reward Partners

        You can get up to 3X the value of your vouchers to spend with Reward Partners.

        Helpful information about credit cards

        What is a credit card for bad credit?​

        These are credit cards that you're more likely to be accepted for if you have a low credit score. You can use one to help build a better credit score by making your payments on time and keeping your balance below your credit limit.

          What is a bad credit score?

          Your credit score is a number that gives you an idea of how lenders view your credit history. If you're new to credit or haven't managed credit well in the past, your score is likely to be low. If you have a low, or a bad credit score, you may find it harder to get the best deals on credit cards, loans and mortgages.

            How your credit score works

            Check out the seven things you really need to know.

            Why do credit scores matter?

            Find out why having a good credit score is important.

            Understanding credit

            Eight common questions about credit cards answered

            Contact us, we’re here to help

            Our UK teams are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

            We accept online Credit Card applications, applying is easy and takes around 10 minutes. Check your eligibility here

              Collect Tesco Clubcard points

              Clubcard points when you spend £4 in Tesco
              Clubcard points when you spend £4 on Tesco fuel (excluding Esso)
              Clubcard point when you spend £8 outside Tesco

              Your Credit Card is also your Clubcard, so when you spend on it you'll collect your usual Clubcard points and some extra ones on top.

              Using our Credit Card, for every £4 spent in Tesco you’ll collect 5 Clubcard points. That’s 1 Clubcard point for every £4 you spend, plus your normal Clubcard points (1 Clubcard point for every £1 spent) in each purchase transaction. Plus you’ll also collect 1 Clubcard point for every £8 spent outside Tesco in each purchase transaction.

              With a Tesco Bank Credit Card spending £4 filling up at Tesco (excluding Esso fuel) gets you 5 Clubcard points – 1 Clubcard point for every £4 you spend, plus your normal Clubcard points at an enhanced rate of 1 Clubcard point per £1 spent (usually 1 Clubcard point for each £2 spent) in each purchase transaction.

              Clubcard points collection rates are subject to change and you must have available credit. Exclusions on collecting Clubcard points apply, expand below to read more.

                Turning Clubcard points into Clubcard vouchers, exclusions and how the calculator works

                Clubcard vouchers

                Every 3 months your Clubcard points are turned into Clubcard vouchers. Or you can choose to get them quicker with Faster Vouchers. Use your Clubcard vouchers for money off your Tesco shop, or get up to 3X the value with Clubcard Reward Partners - choose from days out, travel, restaurants and more.

                  What you won’t collect Clubcard points on

                  You’ll only collect Clubcard points when you use your card to make purchases. Cash withdrawals, cash transactions, balance or money transfers, gambling transactions, buying travel money and regular payments like standing orders and Direct Debits don’t count. There are also some products at Tesco you can’t collect points on, find out more at the Tesco Clubcard website.

                    How the calculator works

                    The calculator uses how many Clubcard points you could collect if you had a Tesco Bank Credit Card and used it to pay for items in and out of Tesco.

                    Based on the spend you say you make each month, we calculate the Clubcard points you'd collect and give you an idea of the Clubcard vouchers you could receive. The actual number will depend on how you use your credit card. Don't forget that you’ll need to spend a minimum amount to begin collecting Clubcard points. And please also bear in mind that this is just an indication.

                    The Tesco Clubcard Scheme is administered by Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA who are responsible for fulfilling Clubcard points.

                      Tesco Bank Credit Cards are provided by: Tesco Bank, PO Box 344 Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2GF