What medical conditions are covered by travel insurance?

When sorting your travel insurance, you might notice the questions about pre-existing medical conditions. Find out more about what a pre-existing medical condition is, and why it's important you declare any you might have when buying a policy.

    What do I need to know about medical conditions and travel insurance?

    Travel insurance can come in handy for things like cancellations or loss of luggage, but it may prove invaluable if you’re hit with unexpected medical costs while travelling. However, if you receive treatment for a pre-existing condition that you haven’t declared on your policy, your insurance provider may not pay out.

    As long as you declared the condition when purchasing a policy, travel insurance may also offer cover if you have to cancel your trip because of illness or the need for unexpected treatment relating to the pre-existing medical condition.

      What is a pre-existing medical condition?

      A pre-existing medical condition is an illness or condition that you know about before booking your trip or purchasing a policy.

      When it comes to travel insurance, a pre-existing medical condition can be a few different things. Some of the most common conditions include:

        • Heart problemsHeart problems
        • Respiratory issuesRespiratory issues
        • CancerCancer
        • DiabetesDiabetes
        • High blood pressure and/or high cholesterolHigh blood pressure and/or high cholesterol
        • Psychological conditions (such as anxiety, depression or eating disordersPsychological conditions (such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders

        As well as illnesses or health problems that are long established, like a heart condition or diabetes, travel insurance providers may also look at conditions that:

          • You’re waiting on test results forYou’re waiting on test results for
          • You’ve seen a doctor about in the last yearYou’ve seen a doctor about in the last year
          • You’re waiting on an operation forYou’re waiting on an operation for

          When you take out travel insurance, an insurer wants to know about them too, so they can work out the likelihood of you needing medical treatment paid for during your trip or cancellation because of illness before your departure, which could then affect the price of your cover.

            Do I need to declare my pre-existing conditions on my travel insurance?

            Yes, you'll need to declare this. If you don’t tell your insurance provider about any pre-existing medical conditions that you have, your insurer may not pay for cancellation or for any medical treatment needed on holiday for that or linked conditions.

              What medical conditions are covered by travel insurance?

              Most medical conditions are covered by travel insurance, including pre-existing ones, as long as you tell your insurers when you take out your policy. The cost of your travel insurance may change depending on the medical conditions you have.

              You can generally find a list of what is or isn’t covered in your policy documents.

                Does Tesco Bank Travel Insurance cover my medical conditions?

                Our Travel Insurance may be able to offer cover for pre-existing conditions, just make sure you tell us about them. There might be a charge for some medical conditions, but we will tell you the cost upfront.

                If you're in any doubt, you can contact us to check whether you're covered for your medical condition before you travel.

                Monetary limits, excesses and exclusions apply.

                  What should I do if I have travel insurance and I’m diagnosed with a new condition?

                  This can vary between travel insurance providers. If you have already purchased travel insurance, you may need to let your provider know if you’ve been advised against travelling.

                  When you renew an annual multi trip policy, you need to declare any conditions that you may have at the time of purchasing.

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