Contents Insurance

It’s not just stuff, it’s what makes your house a home. Tesco Bank Contents Insurance could make sure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

    Why choose Tesco Bank Contents Insurance?

    • Cover for accidental damage to home entertainment equipment
    • £75,000 contents cover as standard
    • Alternative accommodation if your home isn't safe to live in Terms apply
    • Cover that's Defaqto 5 Star rated
    • Manage your Home Insurance policy online 24/7 in Your Insurance Account

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        What’s covered with Tesco Bank contents insurance?

        Our contents insurance can help you replace or repair your favourite things if anything happens to them.

          £75,000 contents cover as standard

          Furniture, laptops, clothes, televisions, jewellery... it can be difficult to estimate how much cover you really need. So we give all our customers £75,000 of cover as standard. Or if you prefer, you can choose to pay more to increase this to £100,000.

            Valuable items covered as standard

            You might have a few cherished possessions – perhaps some art, antiques or expensive pieces of jewellery that you keep at home.

              Accidental damage to TVs, laptops and tablets repaired

              A spilt drink or moment of clumsiness can be all it takes to stop your home entertainment equipment working. We'll pay for any accidental damage to TVs, tablets or laptops, so you can rest assured you'll be back watching your favourite shows in no time.

                Home office equipment

                If you have a home office that's used for admin, clerical or child minding work, your office equipment and furniture - including your computer, printer and scanner – will be covered up to £10,000.

                  Items in the garden aren't forgotten

                  Your garden is part of your home. So we'll also cover the things you leave outdoors up to a value of £1,500 – from garden furniture and barbecues to the washing that's drying on the line.

                  We also cover plants in the garden of up to £2,500, this means loss or damage to trees shrubs, plants and lawns that you own.

                    Cover for downloads

                    Downloaded films and music cost a lot of money, so we've included them in our standard cover - up to a value of £2,000.

                      Special events

                      You'll automatically get an extra £7,500 of contents cover during special events like weddings and Christmas or other religious holidays.

                        Contents at college or university

                        We will pay for loss or damage to contents belonging to you or a member of your family, when they are in halls of residence or any other term-time accommodation in the UK - up to a value of £5,000.

                          Personal liability Cover

                          We will cover up to £2 million if you or a member of your family legally have to pay for causing: accidental death or injury, accidental loss or damage to property.

                            Tenant's liability Cover

                            We will cover damage to the structure of your home, or to the landlord's fixtures, fittings and interior decorations and repairs to cables, underground pipes and drains - up to £10,000.

                            We also have a number of optional extras to boost your cover for an additional premium.

                            Monetary levels, excesses and exclusions apply. For full details of cover and exclusions please read the policy documents. See our policy documents

                              You can tailor your contents cover by adding these optional extras for an additional premium.

                                Extended accidental damage

                                You'll get all the cover provided with our standard package, plus protection against things like:

                                • Knocking over a vase when you're dusting
                                • Ruining your sofa with an accidental wine spill
                                • Spilling paint on your carpet while you're decorating

                                Cover for the things that go everywhere with you

                                You can choose to protect your personal possessions, such as a necklace, handbag or those all-important golf clubs, from loss, theft or damage while you're away from home.

                                For personal belongings valued under £2,000, you can choose additional cover of between £1,000 to £10,000.

                                If you normally carry or wear anything worth more than £2,000 when you're out and about, you can highlight these when you arrange your cover. So you can go about your day knowing that your engagement ring, watch or camera is protected. You can cover as many specified items as you like, as long as:

                                • No single item is worth more than £20,000
                                • The total value of your specified items isn't more than £20,000

                                You'll be covered wherever you are in the UK (including in your home) and for up to 60 days when you're abroad.

                                  Many people rely on their bikes to get them to work, as well as for leisure time and family days out. Our optional bicycle cover provides you and your family cover for lost, stolen or damaged bikes wherever you are in the UK, and for up to 60 days when you're abroad - up to £3,000 per bike, and up to a total of £5,000.

                                    Home Emergency cover

                                    Sort out a range of emergency repairs to your home, such as a broken boiler, as quickly as possible, including up to £1,000 for call-outs, labour, parts and materials.

                                    Home Emergency cover is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch.

                                      Family Legal Guard

                                      This provides cover of up to £100,000 for legal fees and costs, to help you, or a member of your family who normally lives with you, to claim compensation or to pursue and in some instances defend your or their legal rights.

                                      Family Legal Guard is underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.

                                      Monetary levels, excesses and exclusions apply. For full details of cover and exclusions please read the policy documents. See our policy documents

                                        Your Insurance Account

                                        • No admin fees for changes made to your policy in Your Insurance Account
                                        • View, print and download all your home insurance policy documents at any time
                                        • Tell us if you are moving home
                                        • Update your personal details whenever you want, including your address, email address and phone number
                                        • Send us your documents electronically and securely

                                        Choose the cover you need for your home

                                        Buildings only

                                        As a homeowner, the biggest asset you own is probably your home. So it's important your home is covered in case the worst happens.

                                        Contents only

                                        It's not just stuff, it's what makes your house your home. Make sure your home contents are covered if something goes wrong.

                                        Buildings & Contents

                                        Cover for your home and belongings; from floor to ceiling and everything else.

                                        Defaqto 5 Star rated

                                        Defaqto is an independent researcher of financial products, focused on providing intelligence to support better decision making. Tesco Bank Home Insurance has a Defaqto 5 Star Rating in the UK which means it has a comprehensive level of features and benefits.

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                                            Help for existing policyholders

                                            Need to check your policy documents or need to make a claim?

                                            Important information

                                            Tesco Bank Home Insurance is arranged and administered by Tesco Bank and is underwritten by Tesco Underwriting Ltd.

                                              Home Emergency cover is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance S.A. UK Branch.

                                              Family Legal Guard is underwritten by AmTrust Europe Limited.

                                                Before you buy your Tesco Bank Home Insurance online, please read the policy documents to ensure that the policy you select meets your needs. The policy booklet and product information documents outline the benefits, limitations and exclusions that will apply to your cover.