Getting a pet

Thinking of buying a pet? Whether you’re considering a dog or cat, our helpful pet guides can get you prepared for all the costs and essentials you need to think about. From grooming and diet, to health and playtime ideas, we can help you and your new best pal have a great time together.

Bringing your pet home

Starter tips, insuring your pet and more

First time pet owner?

10 essential tips for first time pet owners

Getting your first dog

Buying a dog? Check out these 9 top tips

Bringing your first cat home

Buying a cat? Check out these 9 top tips

Protecting your pet

Do you need pet insurance?

As your pet grows up

Advanced diet tips, dental care, behaviour guides and more

Foods your pet should avoid

Top foods to never feed your pet

Keeping their teeth healthy

Cat and dog dental care: What you need to know

How's your dog feeling?

10 common dog behaviours to look out for

Keeping your cat happy

Most common cat behaviours explained