Making your fuel go further

Buying a car is expensive in itself, but then there's the running costs we all need to think about too. With rising fuel costs, keeping your car moving is pricier than ever. But, there are a few things you can do to make your fuel go further, and cutting down on fuel could help the environment and save you money too.

    Clear out your car

    The heavier your car is, the more power is needed to propel it. If you have a habit of leaving stuff in your car, have a spring clean. Extra weight will use up more fuel when driving.

    Even fuel itself is heavy, so have a think about whether you need to fill up that tank completely or not.

    While you’re there, if you have any roof racks or boxes attached, think about taking them off. They can cause drag which will use more fuel.

      Slow it down

      The faster you go, the faster you’ll see your fuel go. Think about slowing down sensibly to save yourself some pennies.

        Are you in the right gear?

        You’ll use up a lot more fuel if you’re driving at a higher speed in a low gear. Your car uses the most fuel when it’s accelerating, but you can save fuel and lower your emissions by avoiding high revs and switching to a higher gear earlier. If your car has an indicator that tells you when to shift up or down a gear, it’s a great idea to do what it says.

          Choose fuel efficient cars

          When you’re looking to buy a new car, one thing to check is how fuel efficient it is. Hybrid cars can drastically reduce the amount of fuel needed by making use of some electric-powered parts and electric cars use even less.

            Keep it calm

            Keep an eye on what’s happening up ahead so you can drive more smoothly. Lots of braking and accelerating just uses up more fuel.

            For example, if you leave extra space between you and the vehicle in front, you can change your speed much earlier without having to break unnecessarily.

              Be smart about your windows

              Rolling your windows down might seem like a smart way to cool down when you don’t want to switch on your air-con but if you’re driving at high speeds, it could cost you fuel, and the drag can put pressure on your engine – and your fuel bill.

                Keep your car well serviced

                Making sure your car is well maintained and booking regular check-ups can help spot and correct problems that might be costing you fuel, from leaks to worn-out spark plugs.

                  Save at a standstill

                  If you’re stuck in traffic for more than a minute, switch off your engine. Most modern cars do this automatically these days, but one to watch if yours doesn’t.

                    Use stop-start if you can

                    Some cars have stop-start engines that kick in when you take your foot off the clutch. So when you stop at a crossing and your car is in neutral, you can let the stop-start engine do its work and save you fuel.

                      Check your tyres

                      This may sound like common sense, but how often do you actually check your tyres? Be honest!

                      You should check them at least once a month and before long journeys. Not only is low tyre pressure really dangerous, but you’ll be using up a lot more fuel too.

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