A guide to borrowing

Confused by credit? Whether you’re wondering how your credit history affects you, or if you’re unsure about how credit scores and loan repayments work, our borrowing guides can help you.

Starter credit card & loan guides

Understanding card types, credit scores and more

Credit card types

How to find the right credit card for you

Understanding credit

8 common questions about credit cards answered

Credit scores explained

How your credit score works: 7 things you need to know

Credit limits, explained

How do credit card limits work?

Is a loan right for you?

8 things you need to know before taking out a loan

Managing credit card debt

5 tips to help manage credit card debt

Advanced credit and loans guides

Credit card features, jargon busting and more

What do credit cards offer?

Credit card features explained

Credit terms & jargon guide

Our credit card jargon buster

Comparing credit scores

What does a good credit rating look like?

Planning a home renovation project?

Tips on financing your home improvement project

Other finance guides

Online and mobile

How to set up online and mobile banking

Save more money each month

How to boost your budget

Shopping costs got you down?

How to save money by shopping smarter