Buying a house: guides and tips

When you’re buying a house, managing your money and knowing what to do is an important step. From knowing how to get a mortgage to understanding the cost of buying a house, you can plan ahead and buy your new home with minimal fuss.

Getting ready to buy a house

Start with the basics of viewings, jargon, mortgages & more.

How did others do it?

Home buyers survey 2017: how UK buyers get on the ladder

First time buyer guide

Saving for a deposit on your first home

What home buying terms mean

Home-buying jargon buster

Before you view a home

Money questions to ask when viewing a house

Is the house worth it?

House surveys explained

Property types: fast facts

Our guide helps you understand the difference

The purchase

Making an offer, finalising your mortgage, fees and more.

If you're successful

What happens when my house offer is accepted?

Be prepared

A useful moving house checklist

Prepare your moving budget

The hidden costs of moving house

How much will your fees be?

Conveyancing fees explained here

Finalise your mortgage

What is loan to value and why is it important?

How much tax will I pay?

Stamp duty explained

Protecting your new place

Buying insurance for your home

Want a better mortgage rate?

Paying off your mortgage early

Other items you might like

Looking to move home?

Should I rent or buy?

Save time and money

9 money saving tips for busy people

Monthly bills too high?

Save money on your bills