Online Banking

Online Banking

The easy way to manage your credit card, savings and loans accounts, any time, any place.

    The benefits of Online Banking are simple

    • 1
      Avoid unnecessary charges and keep in the know with our tailored text and email alerts
    • 2
      Set up, manage and make payments to and from your accounts, all with a few simple clicks
    • 3
      Go paperless for your current account and credit card - view and download when you want
    • 4
      Request balance transfers, credit limit increases and manage your Direct Debit for your credit card
    • 5
      Update your details whenever you want, including your address, email and phone number

    Getting started

    The first step is to register for Online Banking.

    Simply click on the ‘Register’ link at the top of our website page to get started. You’ll need your account details and in just a few clicks you’ll be enjoying the benefits of being able to manage your accounts any time, any place.

    All you'll need are your personal and account details to hand and you'll soon be able to log in and manage your accounts online.

        Online Banking Overview

        Once in online banking you'll be able to see your account details.

        You’ll also have links to areas where you can:

        • Change your address, email and contact phone numbers
        • Update your Tesco Clubcard number
        • View and manage your statements and other account documents
        • Set up and manage balance alerts for your accounts
        • Transfer money between your Tesco Bank savings and current accounts quickly and easily
        • Choose the format of your account documentation

          Current account statements and transactions

          Access your full list of account transactions where you can search and sort transactions going back to when you opened your account.

          Statements and documents are stored in one place and can be viewed, saved and printed by selecting Manage Account on your Account Overview and then Your document store on the right hand side of the page.

              Credit card statements and transactions

              Access your list of account transactions where you can download the last 90 days of transactions (excluding Pending) in a Microsoft Excel compatible format (csv) or tsv.

              Statements and documents are stored in one place and can be viewed by selecting the Statements tab where you will be presented with a list of available statements. Viewing a statement will open up a tab in your browser where you have the option to download and print it.

                  Paying your credit card

                  You have a few options for making payments to your credit card in our Online Banking, where you can choose which amount to pay. You can set up a Direct Debit to pay either the minimum amount, the full balance or somewhere in between. It's easy to forget when your credit card bill is due to be paid, and setting up a Direct Debit is the perfect way to make sure you don’t.

                  Or you can send us a payment directly from your bank through the ‘Make a payment’ option and selecting ‘Pay by Bank’ where you can choose your bank from the list and make a one off payment to your bill. If you don’t see your bank on the list you can transfer money directly to us from one of your bank accounts, using your Tesco Bank 16 digit credit card number (without spaces) as the reference so we know it’s your payment.

                    And lastly you can pay using your Debit Card where you can add a new debit card for a payment if you haven’t already and make a one off payment to your bill. If you'd like to find out more about these payment options you can head to Your Community.

                        Managing your credit card

                        Within our Online Banking you’re able to easily manage your credit card. There are a few options to choose from such as:

                        • You can report your card as either lost or stolen and we’ll get a new card sent to you.
                        • You can put a temporary block on your card. Once you block your card, it can’t be used for any transactions (but any pending transactions will still be paid).
                        • You can easily remove the block when you’re ready to start using your card again. Simple as that.
                        • You can order a replacement if your card has been damaged and we’ll get a new card sent to you.
                        • If you’ve forgotten your PIN, you can order a reminder and we’ll pop it in the post to you.

                          Moving your money

                          There are plenty of ways to move your money in Online Banking, making it quick and easy to manage your regular payments.

                          • Moving money out by setting up a new payee or linked account
                          • Transfer money between your Tesco Bank accounts
                          • Or transfer money into your account from another bank by using your sort code and account number
                          • Find your account details to use when paying money into your account from another bank

                            Managing your personal details

                            From the ‘My overview’ page you can now easily update your personal details on all the banking products you hold with Tesco Bank.

                            To do this select ‘Settings’ and then ‘Personal details’.

                            You can then update your address, email and contact telephone numbers.

                                Troubleshooting tips

                                Logging in

                                What to do when you are first logging in, have forgotten your details or have trouble logging in from a new device.

                                  Technical support

                                  Find out more about why we use cookies and using different browsers to access online banking.

                                    Get started with Online Banking

                                    Need help with Online Banking?

                                    If you need a bit more help with Online Banking, head to our Help section for more information and FAQs. You can also ask us questions directly on Your Community, where you can share knowledge and learn from fellow customers.