Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

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      Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

      Buy Indonesian Rupiah online and collect from selected Tesco stores

      Get set for your holiday while you do your weekly shop, by collecting your Indonesian Rupiah from your chosen store.

      If you’re planning a boat trip in Borneo or a beach holiday in Bali, why not give Click & Collect a try?

      Simply place your order online, choose a date to collect your Indonesian Rupiah then head along to your selected Tesco Travel Money bureau or customer service desk. Look forward to exploring the unspoilt shorelines of the Lombok and Gili Islands or check out the amazing temples of Java, without having to worry about exchanging currency while you're there.

          Buy before you fly

          Benefits of planning ahead

          Know that as soon as you arrive in Indonesia, you’ll have the cash you need for all those little essentials. Whether it’s a taxi from the airport or the chance to try tasty specialties like Nasi Goreng, Satay and Sambal, having Indonesian Rupiah on hand makes things simple.

          You also won’t need to worry about finding an ATM or facing any additional withdrawal charges while you’re away. Buying your Indonesian Rupiah before you go also means you’ll know what exchange rate you’re getting, which is handy because when you withdraw cash abroad, you’ll be subject to changing exchange rates.

            Get your currency when it’s convenient for you

            You can use Click & Collect to arrange a time to pick up your Indonesian Rupiah as part of your weekly shop, either from a Tesco Travel Money bureau or customer service desks. You can also use our home delivery service, which is free for online orders of £500 or more.

            Exchange rates can change throughout the day and may vary depending on whether you buy in-store, online, or over the phone.

              Some common questions about the Indonesian Rupiah

              The Indonesian Rupiah is the official currency of Indonesia. It’s issued by the Central Bank of the Republic of Indonesia and is commonly abbreviated to Rp.

              The Rupiah became Indonesia’s official currency in 1946, replacing the Indonesian Dutch East Indies guilder. After high inflation in the 1950s, Indonesia introduced a new Rupiah in 1965 and that’s the version still used today.

                Rupiah notes come in 1000Rp, 2000Rp, 5000Rp, 10.000Rp, 20.000Rp, 50.000Rp and 100.000Rp.

                Coins come in 50Rp, 100Rp, 200Rp, 500Rp and 1000Rp.

                  Indonesia is the largest island country in the world and is home to more than 17,000 islands – and the Indonesian Rupiah is used on all of them. Indonesia is the only country that uses the Rupiah as its official currency, but it’s also used unofficially in neighbouring country Timor-Leste.

                    You don’t have to tip while you’re in Indonesia, but you might want to, especially in the bigger cities. Around 10% is considered a decent tip and you may want to also add in any small coins you have. If you want to tip and there’s no bill to guide you, then between 20.000 and 50.000Rp is a good rule of thumb.

                    In some of the most popular tourist spots, such as Bali or Jakarta, western-style restaurants may add a 10% service charge to your bills so it’s always worth checking.

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