What is tenant liability cover?

Learn about tenants liability insurance today and make sure that your belongings are protected when renting a flat or home. Find out more with Tesco Bank.

    Published:30 November 2023

    When you rent a home, it’ll probably come with fixtures like a built-in washing machine, fridge, and hob as well as fittings like toilet seats. These are just as much your landlord's property as the building itself.

    With Tesco Bank Home Insurance, you’ll get tenant liability cover as standard with your contents policy.

      How does tenant liability cover work?

      Tenant liability covers for damage that your tenancy agreement says you’re legally responsible for. Most policies will cover structural damage to the building, as well as fixtures and fittings, lights and kitchen appliances. They also cover interior decorations. So if your little one decides to doodle all over the living room wall, the cost of repainting is likely to be covered. Some policies also offer coverage for cables, underground pipes and drains. The value that's covered will depend on which policy you go for. For example, with our Tesco Bank Home Insurance, you're covered for up to £10,000 worth of damage*. A big relief when the time comes to ask for your security deposit back.

      *Monetary limits, excesses and exclusions apply.

        Why do I need tenant liability cover?

        Although it's not mandatory or legally required to take out contents insurance in the UK, it could be a good idea to do it anyway. Having a policy in place makes it easier to relax and enjoy your home while you live there, without worrying about any damage.

        Accidents happen and sometimes things go wrong. Having tenants liability cover helps protect you if (and when) they do so you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs.

          Can tenants liability cover be extended?

          As it’s normally part of a contents policy, tenants liability cover lasts for 12 months. If you're planning on staying in your home for longer, you can choose to have your policy renew automatically. Keep in mind that, if you do choose to renew it automatically, you should get in touch and let your insurer know if anything's changed.

            If something happens and you need to make a claim on Tesco Bank Home Insurance, just get in touch with our UK-based customer service team. It's best to do this as soon as possible after the damage happens, which is why our call centre is open 7 days a week. Remember to have your policy number to hand. We'll run through what you're covered for, talk you through the next steps and give you a claim number to use if you need to follow up.

              Important information

              Tesco Bank Home Insurance is arranged and administered by Tesco Bank and is underwritten by Tesco Underwriting Ltd.

              You'll find complete details of the cover, monetary limits, exclusions, excesses and terms in our policy documents.

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