Help with money worries caused by addiction

If addiction is affecting your finances, we’re here to help. If you’re ready to talk, get in touch as soon as you can. We’ve supported a lot of our customers who reached out, including Bella.

    Bella was relying on alcohol to get through the day

    Bella is 52 years old, has two grown up children and lives at home with her husband. With some personal issues to deal with, she was drinking more and more. She’d started to spend bill money on alcohol and her husband was becoming suspicious. As she didn’t want her husband to know how bad things were, she’d mostly drink while he was at work.

    Bella decided she needed help. She went to talk to her GP about her issues with alcohol and is now getting the health support she needs.

      She wanted to get back in control of her money too

      Bella hadn’t been paying some of her bills so got in touch with us. As she told us she was recovering from alcohol addiction, our Customer Support Team were on hand to help.

        How we helped Bella

        Bella was concerned about her credit rating. As she was looking for a job as part of her recovery journey, we discussed a short-term plan to improve her finances. This meant Bella could focus on her health and well-being with a reduced monthly payment to manage her debt. We agreed to keep an eye on Bella’s account and watch for any changes that may occur, to make sure she has the support she needs.

          How we can help you

          If you’re in a similar situation to Bella or something else is causing you money worries, just call our Customer Support Team on 0345 301 4971 or 0345 030 3188 if you only have Insurance with us.