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We’re here to help. If something in your life is affecting your finances, we’ve got specialist customer support on hand

COVID-19: Managing your money

We’re committed to helping you take care of your finances through these uncertain times – see our latest customer updates below


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If you're earning less, we could help

Other ways we can help you

If you’re struggling financially or just need a hand with an issue, we’ve got specialist support ready

Financial difficulty

Struggling with debt or other money worries?

    Coping with illness

    If you or someone close to you is ill, let us help.


      We have specialists ready to help you with our accounts and services.

        Giving control of your account

        We'll guide you through everything you need to know.

          Redundancy or loss of income

          If you now have less money coming in, get in touch.

            The end of a relationship

            Left with money worries after a divorce or splitting up?


              Is gambling causing you money worries? Talk to us.


                Is addiction affecting your finances? We’re here to help.

                  Mental health

                  Is your mental health affecting your money? We can support you.

                    Domestic abuse

                    If you’re struggling with money due to issues at home, we can help.