Travel insurance glossary: a jargon busting guide

Travel insurance is a big part of planning any new adventure, but are you feeling a little lost in the jargon? Check out our handy glossary and get your bags packed.


    Annual Multi Trip: This is a travel insurance policy that offers cover for multiple trips throughout the year. The trips can be to lots of different destinations. There may be restrictions on how long each trip can be, often up to 31 days.


      Backpacker: This is a type of insurance for people who plan to move around a lot during their travels. Backpacker insurance tends to last for longer periods of time than your average policy and may be suitable for people on a gap year or career break.

      Baggage loss or delay cover: Lost or delayed baggage is one of the most common problems travellers face. This is often included in travel insurance policies and lets you claim if your baggage is lost or stolen either in transit or during the trip.


        Cancellation cover: There are a lot of reasons you might not be able to go on your trip and cancellation cover could help you out when one crops up. Travel insurance can help save you from being out of pocket when unavoidable problems come up. Not all policies offer the same cancellation cover though, so check before you buy.

        Car hire excess cover: Car hire excess cover is an additional option that can be added to your policy. It’s specifically to cover the cost of excess payments you might be asked to pay if there is damage to your hire car or it’s lost or stolen.

        COVID-19 cover: A positive COVID-19 test can put an instant stop to travel plans. Many travel insurance providers now offer COVID-19 cover as part of their overall policies.

        Cruise cover: Cruise holidays are different to your average trip, so they have a type of travel insurance specially designed for them. Cruise insurance offers cover for things like missed ports or itinerary changes that might not be on a standard policy.


          European cover: The type of travel insurance you may need depends on where you’re travelling. While a single trip policy offers cover specifically for the countries you are visiting, annual policies offer cover for regions. Generally European cover refers specifically to EU countries, and often some non-EU states like Iceland, Switzerland, Turkey and Norway.

          Excess: The excess on your travel insurance policy is the amount of money you might need to pay if you’re making a claim. Depending on the level or section of cover, there may be no excess to pay if you make a claim.

          Exclusion: This is the name for something that isn’t covered by your travel insurance policy. For example, if you get into an accident while competing in a risky sport, you may not be covered. Travel insurance policies include a list of their exclusions.


            Gadget cover: This is cover designed specifically for items such phones, cameras, laptops and tablets. It may come as standard, or at an additional cost to a travel insurance policy.


              Non-refundable travel expenses: Travel insurance does not offer cover for expenses where you’re entitled to a refund by the provider. This could include airline costs or accommodation deposits if you have to unexpectedly cancel or cut short a trip.

              Your travel insurance policy will say what costs it does not cover.


                Pre-existing medical conditions: When it comes to your health and travel insurance, a pre-existing medical condition is any medical condition or symptom which started before the policy was bought, or travel was booked – whichever was latest.


                  Single trip: Single trip insurance is cover for one particular holiday. The length of trip covered varies depending on the provider, with some offering cover for trips up to 365 days.


                    Worldwide cover: The travel insurance you may need depends on where you’re travelling. Single trip policies offer cover for specific countries, annual policies offer cover for regions. Worldwide cover is generally split in to two types – including the United States and excluding it, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when purchasing your policy.

                    Countries that are included or excluded within worldwide cover will be clearly stated so you can choose the correct cover.

                    Winter sports cover: Because winter sports tend to come with some risks – as well as a lot of fun – they can also come with extra costs. A winter sports add-on to travel insurance offers cover for the kind of expenses that might come up during a sporting holiday, from lost ski passes, to missing equipment, to costs of medical treatment from snowboarding or skiing accidents.

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