A guide to Multi Pet Insurance

Have more than one pet? Multi pet insurance could help you to get cheaper coverage for all your cats and dogs.

Pet owners with more than one cat or dog will know that keeping them all safe and healthy can be challenging – especially as they get older. With multi pet insurance, you can make regular payments to keep your cats and dogs covered should they have an illness, injury or accident.

    How does multi pet insurance work?

    It’s simple. Take out one policy and add multiple cats and dogs.

    You can usually insure a combination of dogs and cats at the same time – they may not get on in real life, but they can share one policy.

      Multi pet discount

      Some providers offer discounts for additional pets added onto a multi pet policy which means you could save money. Tesco Bank Pet Insurance offers a 10% discount on each additional premium for the second and each additional pet covered on a single Standard, Extra or Premier cover policy.

      Tesco Bank Pet Insurance is arranged, administered and underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd.

        Benefits of having a single policy for multiple pets

        Potential savings aside, possibly the biggest benefit of a multi pet insurance policy is that it can make your life easier. You won’t have to worry about taking out separate pet insurance policies, getting on the phone to different providers, or getting mixed up about which pet is covered by which policy.

        Insure all your pets with Tesco Bank Pet Insurance and you’ll also enjoy benefits like unlimited access to veterinary experts 24/7 via free phone or video call to vetfone™ provided by Vetsdirect Ltd.

          What’s covered by multi pet insurance

          The specifics of what’s covered by a multi pet policy can vary depending on provider and cover level.

          With Tesco Bank Pet Insurance you can choose to cover each of your multiple pets on the same policy with one of three types of pet insurance cover. They all cover the following:

          • Cover for illness
          • Accidents and injuries
          • Dental issues caused by an accident
          • Complementary treatments like hydrotherapy
          • Up to £1,000 towards helping you find a lost pet
          • Up to £200 towards helping you say goodbye to your pet
          • Up to £1,000 towards the cost of having your pet looked after if you fall ill
          • Up to £1,500 towards the cost of your pet if it passes away
          • Travel cover

          Monetary limits, excesses and exclusions apply.

          You can check out the differences between Tesco Bank Pet Insurance policies by checking the comparison table on this page.

            Can I add pets to an existing policy?

            With Tesco Bank Pet Insurance, you can add or remove a pet from a single policy at any time.

            Remember: you’ll get a discount for each pet added to your policy after the first one on a single Standard, Extra or Premier cover policy.

              What’s not covered with a multi pet policy

              As with any insurance policy, certain things aren’t going to be covered with a multi pet policy. For instance, with Tesco Bank Pet Insurance, you can’t insure your pets for a pre-existing condition – for example, a health issue that you or your vet was aware of before you applied for the policy.

              Some other things Tesco Bank Pet Insurance can’t cover include:

              • Routine exams or check-ups
              • Spaying and neutering
              • Flea, tick or worming treatments
              • Food, including special food prescribed by a vet
              • Supplements and probiotics

              There are also specific cats and dogs that can’t be insured, including:

              • Cats and dogs used for commercial breeding
              • Dogs used for security e.g. attack dogs, guard dogs
              • Racing dogs
              • Dogs that are banned under the dangerous dogs act

              You’ll be able to find out if your cats and dogs are eligible for our multi pet insurance when you apply for a quote.

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                Key product information

                Tesco Bank Pet Insurance is arranged, administered and underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance Ltd.

                Vetfone™ is provided by Vetsdirect Ltd.