A useful moving house checklist

In the excitement of moving house, how can you make sure you’re remembering everything in the run up to the big day? Put your mind at rest with this list of things to do when moving house.

    Published: 25 Nov 2019


    Moving house checklist: a timeline

    After you get an offer accepted on a home, you’ll probably have a hundred things to think about. From finalising details with your solicitor to arranging your mortgage, there’s a ton to arrange.

    To help you on your way, we’ve put together a moving checklist to help you tick off all the small (and large) essentials to keep things under control before the big moving day.

      A month before you move house

      If your mortgage is confirmed and your offer has been accepted, what happens next? The list breaks the home buying process down to give you an idea of when you might want to tackle each step, but remember: no two house moves are the same. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

      Confirm your moving date

      Get your moving date and the time and place you can pick up your keys confirmed as quickly as you can. You would typically speak with your solicitor to get a provisional move in date agreed with the seller’s solicitor.

      This can sometimes be tricky as it hinges on so many different things (surveys, mortgage delays etc.) and any hold ups from the seller’s end can have a knock on effect.

        Contact your council

        Give your council plenty of notice so they can cancel your council tax bill. You may have to pay to the end of the month but your local council should be able to confirm if your overpayments will be refunded.

          Call your utility companies

          Let your utility companies know you’re moving as soon as you can. They may be able to move your deal to your new property and might want to send someone out to take a meter reading.

            Check your home insurance

            Get home insurance quotes for your new home. You might want to check your existing and new policies to check if you’ll be covered during your move.

              Sort out your phone line and broadband

              Contact your provider to cancel your existing contract or to find if it can be ported to your new home. Booking in a new installation can take up to two weeks or even a month at busy times.

                Shop around for removal quotes

                Ring around as soon as you have your moving date, or even a ballpark idea of your date, and check availability. Do you have the insurance cover or correct licence to be able to drive a removal van yourself?

                  Book your removal company

                  Book as early as you can. If you’d like to minimise your time investment as much as possible, you might want to check out removal companies that can provide and pack boxes too.

                    Are there any schools or nurseries nearby?

                    If you’re looking to start a family after moving in to your new home, finding nearby nurseries and schools could be an important part of your move.

                      Shop for packing supplies

                      If you’re packing yourself, arm yourself with boxes, lots and lots of boxes. You’ll also want newspapers, bubble wrap, marker pens, strong brown tape and several pairs of scissors. Shop for your packing essentials online, pop into your local supermarket or check out fulfilment companies.

                        Note down providers who send you mail

                        Keep a notepad by the door and take note of the providers who send you post. This will give you a list to work from when you change address.

                          Set up a mail redirect

                          You can also arrange to have your post redirected by Royal Mail for up to three months after your move- important for keeping your personal details safe and avoiding fraud.

                            Shop for sofas, beds and mattresses

                            Some of the larger home essentials have surprisingly long lead in time, so it might be a good idea to start shopping for bigger items like beds, mattresses and sofas about now.

                              Cover all the big (and little) costs

                              Moving costs can add up. Putting something aside into a Tesco Bank savings account could help cover them. Find out more here.

                              A week before your house move

                              Things should be getting really exciting now, but chances are you’ll still have a big to-do list. Here are some things you might be thinking about just before your move.

                              Change your address

                              Now that your move date is nigh, it’s time to change your address with your other providers. These include:

                              • Bank
                              • Credit card
                              • Insurance providers
                              • DVLA
                              • Tesco Clubcard (you don’t want to miss out on those vouchers!)
                              • Pension providers
                              • Your employer
                              • If you have a pet, don’t forget to change the address on their microchip

                              Pack your ‘essentials’ box

                              To help moving day run smoothly and to save you from rummaging through your entire removals van on your first night in your new home, set one box aside with:

                              • Enough mugs for you, your helpers and your removal team
                              • Everything you need to make tea and coffee
                              • Biscuits, dried fruit, nuts or crisps
                              • Toilet paper and tissues
                              • A list of important contacts for when your phone isn’t to hand
                              • Towels, bedding, pillows and sheets
                              • Toothpaste, toothbrushes and soap
                              • A change of clothes for the family

                              Keep some cleaning supplies handy

                              It’s nice to leave your old property looking clean and tidy for its new buyers, so be sure to hold back a few essential supplies for a final clean before you leave.

                                  A smiling woman with glasses hodling a red mug

                                  The day of your move

                                  The big day is here! You’re ready to get your keys and start the next chapter of your life as a new homeowner. What else might you be thinking about on the day? (Besides celebrating)

                                  Take meter readings

                                  Remember to take meter readings before you leave your old house – snap a picture on your phone to keep the details clear – and do the same thing when you arrive at your new property.

                                    Say hello to your new neighbours

                                    It’s always nice to meet new folks – and knowing a few friendly faces can come in handy if you realise you’ve forgotten anything during your move!


                                      You’ve come a long way since those first home viewings and saving for a deposit, but the long process is now over. Now you can focus on doing up your new place and more.

                                      We’ve got more guides below for you to check out that can give you inspiration for your new home. Congratulations!

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