Using Online Banking for credit cards

Your credit card is easy to manage in Online Banking. Find out how to view your accounts, make a payment, request a balance transfer or view your statements online.

An introduction to managing your credit card

Managing your Tesco Bank Credit Card couldn't be more straightforward.

There's lots you can do... from adding an additional cardholder to requesting an increase in your credit limit or sorting a balance transfer.

And it all starts here - at the Online Banking Overview - this is where you can check basic stuff, like your current balance, credit limit and available credit.

Select 'Manage your account' to get started.

Perhaps you want to add an additional cardholder? This is a great way of allowing someone you trust to spend on your account using their own card and PIN. Perfect for things like emergencies.

The good news is that as the main cardholder you remain in control at all times - and you'll always be able to see what's being spent.

Next, balance transfers.

We know many of our customers like to manage their credit this way. This means transferring your outstanding balance from another Credit or Store Card to us. This is something you can do anytime you want.

Tell us the amount you wish to transfer - up to the limit shown - and the details of the card you're transferring from.

Oh, and remember to tick that the card is in your name! Then simply check and confirm.

'Update address, email and phone number' let's you easily keep your records up to date.

Making changes here automatically updates the information for your Credit Card - if you also have a Savings, Loan or Current Account, you have to update your details on these accounts separately.

There are times when you may want to request an increase to your credit limit. Here's how...

We'll ask you a few simple questions - like what you'd like your new limit to be and what your current income is. Simply click 'continue' - then 'confirm' and we'll be back instantly to let you know if your request has been accepted. If we need to talk to you further, we'll get in contact.

PIN numbers. From time to time we all forget them. With Tesco Bank that isn't a worry. Just let us know and we'll send you a reminder in the post within 5 working days.

Card gone through the wash? If you've damaged your card in any way we can replace it - just click submit. Job done. Your card will be with you within 10 working days.

At Tesco Bank we also like to keep our customers up-to-date with offers. How you receive these offers is entirely up to you - post, phone, a statement, email or even a quick text. You can also let us know if you'd prefer not to get them.

Next... statements. No two customers are the same - and we know you'll have your own preferences about how you get yours. When you first log in, you'll be asked how you'd like to receive your statements. Receive them digitally as a secure and downloadable PDF, ready to print. Or if you'd still like to receive paper statements by post that's no problem!

Lastly, a great way to manage your Tesco Bank Credit Card is using alerts. We all have important dates and deadlines we need to remember. And that includes paying your card. You can receive these alerts by email or text message. We can let you know where your balance stands. Including when you're near your limit. We can also remind you when your payment is due. You can also receive alerts if we detect suspicious activity on your card.

And there we are - the easy way to manage your Tesco Bank Credit Card and enjoy the online benefits.

You can learn about how to take advantage of Online Banking for your Tesco Bank Credit Card with this helpful demo.

Find out how to add an additional cardholder, set up a balance transfer, request an increase to your credit limit, request a new PIN or just get to know the basics like viewing your statements.

You can also learn about setting up SMS and email alerts, which help keep you on top of your Tesco Bank Credit Card.

Online Banking Overview

When you log in to your credit card online, you'll see your Online Banking Overview. This presents a summary of your credit card and displays your current balance and your available credit. Use Quick View to see your minimum payment, payment due date and your last six transactions.

Have more than one account with us?

If you have a savings, loan or a current account with us, you can link your accounts so that you can see all of your banking products in one place and only need to remember one set of log in details.

Just look for the Add my other accounts box and enter the sort code and account number of your savings, loan or current account.

Payments and transactions

So, you'd like to know more about managing payments and transactions online for your Tesco Bank Credit Card?

You can do this online or using the Mobile App (for more information check out our other videos).

First things first, if you haven't done so already, check out our other videos that show you how to 'register' and 'log in'.

To continue, simply select 'Credit Cards' from the drop down menu - enter your username, login and you're ready to get going.

First up you'll see your Online Banking Overview. Here you'll instantly see your current balance and your next payment due date, as well as a quick view of recent transactions.

From here you'll go into more specific details about your account.

If at any point you wish to go back, simply select the 'Online Banking Overview' link.

OK - so one thing we all need to do is make payments to our Credit Card - so from the left hand menu select 'Make a payment'. You have two ways to pay.

The first one is all about convenience. It's easy to forget when your credit card bill is due to be paid. The hassle-free method of paying by Direct Debit is perfect to make sure you don't.

From the left hand menu select 'Manage Direct Debit' - fill in the details of the bank or building society account that you want your monthly payments taken from. Plus, the amount you wish to pay. This can be the minimum amount, your full balance - or somewhere in between - it's entirely up to you. Then click on the confirmation button and you're done - easy.

Oh, and keep an eye on your monthly statement, as it'll let you know that your Direct Debit is setup - until then, you'll need to continue to make your monthly payments as usual.

You can make changes to your monthly Direct Debit any time you want. Just let us know your new bank or building society account details, or change the amount you wish to pay.

The other way of making a payment is by using your Debit Card.

If you haven't already done so, you can add a card by clicking 'Add a new debit card' from the menu on the left. Just enter the details from the Debit Card you want to use and confirm that all is ok. The good thing is, these are saved after your first payment, to make it easier for you next time. Now you're ready to make your payment.

For extra security you'll also need to enter the last three digits from the back of your Debit Card.

If you're happy with the final payment details - select confirm. Sometimes you may be asked extra details for security. And that's you - good to go.

Keeping track of where you are is easy too - simply select 'Online Payment History' to see your past 12 months' Debit Card payments. You can click on each payment to view more detail on the transaction. You can also manage existing Debit Cards that you've already set up.

'View transactions' is where you can review all your Credit Card activity. Remember you can also use the Mobile App for this, and other, features.

You can view current or past statements. Just select the statement date you're looking for and it's there in seconds.

You can also select individual transactions to get even more detail on them.

Can't remember when you made your balance transfer or paid for that holiday? With 'Search transactions', you can find your payments quickly without having to search through statements one at a time. Just choose the date range and add more details, such as a 'description' like 'Council tax', or a range of amounts.

To get transactions from recent months just click 'Download Your Transactions'.

For some people, paper statements can be a pain to manage, here we do the filing for you - with up to 18 months of statements stored securely for you to download, view and print - any time you like.

We will even send you an alert by email or SMS when a new statement has been added for you to view. The statements that you see online will look exactly like a statement that you'd receive in the post. If you prefer to receive paper statements by post you can always select this option in your statement preferences.

Viewing transactions and statements aren't the only way to keep on top of things.

Alerts are another very handy way to stay in control. You need never miss an important date or payment deadline again. You can learn more about alerts in the 'Managing your Credit Card' video. Setting up alerts is just as easy as all the other options at your fingertips. Just select your preferences and hit confirm!

And now you know the easy way to make payments and check transactions for your Tesco Bank Credit Card, online.

This helpful demo will take you through a detailed view of managing your Payments and Transactions for your Tesco Bank Credit Card.

Learn about the convenient way of paying your bill by Direct Debit, or the alternative way of paying using your debit card.

Find out about viewing current and previous statements, as well as searching for specific transactions.

You can also manage your Payments and Transactions for your Tesco Bank Credit Card using our Mobile Banking App.

Requesting a balance transfer online

You can request a balance transfer online when you apply for your credit card or in Online Banking if you already have a credit card with us.

To do this, log in to Online Banking and select the Manage account button for your credit card.

You'll be taken to your Credit Card Overview. From there, select Manage your account from the menu and Transfer a balance from another credit card from the list of options.

Switch off paper statements

Switching off your paper statements is a quick and easy way to manage your finances. To get started, log in to Online Banking, and select Manage account from your credit card summary panel.

You'll be taken to your Credit Card Overview. From there, select Manage your account from the left hand menu, then select Statement options from the menu options just below it. This will take you to Your statement preferences screen.

Next, choose the option Yes, turn off my paper statements and select OK. Your preferences will be saved and you will no longer receive paper statements.

You'll receive an email when your next statement is ready and available online. If you ever need to switch back to paper statements, you can always change your statement preferences in Online Banking. Remember, if it's just a one off paper statement you need for proof of income, identity or address, you can order one by calling us on 0845 300 4278 and we'll send you one by post within seven to ten working days. If you haven't already registered for Online Banking and would like some help, you can visit our registration help page.

Need help with Online Banking?

If you'd rather speak to someone, that's not a problem. Call our UK-based customer service team on 0345 300 3511* or add 18001 for Typetalk. Our technical helpdesk lines are open 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.