What happens after a credit card payment break ends?

Here’s what you need to know about restarting your credit card payments. If you’re worried you won’t be able to do this, find out how we can help

If you haven’t yet applied for a payment break on your credit card, you still can. Simply go to our Credit Card COVID-19 payment break page by 31 January 2021.

    What happens at the end of my COVID-19 payment break?

    When your payment break is over, your account will go back to your previous payment method. If you have a Direct Debit set up, we’ll restart this for you - though if you cancelled it yourself, you’ll need to set it back up. It’s easy to do this in Online Banking or our Mobile App.

    As interest is charged on your credit card account balance during the payment break, the total balance outstanding will have increased. As a result, your minimum monthly payment could be higher at the end of the break.

      Make sure you read how interest is calculated to understand the cost of interest on your account.

        What happens if my COVID-19 payment break ends and I still can’t make my payments?

        If you’re on a COVID-19 payment break – or have been - and can’t restart your payments, we have different options for you to consider depending on your circumstances.

        If you can afford to restart your payments without any further support, it’s best for you to do so.

          Once your payment break ends, we have two options for you - depending on your situation:

          You could request a Payment Break Extension if you can restart your payments in the next 3 months

          Don’t think you’ll be able to restart your usual payments in the next 3 months, or you’re unsure right now?

          You can also contact our Financial Assist team directly on 0345 051 0785. Please bear in mind that while we’re here to help, our phone lines are currently very busy, so you may have to wait to speak with someone.

            Alternatively, you might want to talk to someone else

            You can also get expert support from:

            StepChange are a national charity providing free, personal debt advice over the phone or online. To find out more, visit Stepchange or call them on 0800 138 1111.

            Citizens Advice offer free, independent and confidential advice on a wide range of issues, including money matters. Call their Advice line on 0344 411 1444 or visit Citizens Advice.

            PayPlan are a trusted free debt advice provider. You can speak to one of their expert advisers on 0800 280 2816 or try their free online form.

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