COVID-19 help and support

Here’s the support we can offer for our different accounts

Refunds and disputes

Credit balance refunds for your credit card

If your card balance is in credit after a refund and you want this money back, here's what to do.

    Claiming a refund for cancelled travel

    If you haven't received a travel refund that you've requested we can help you get your money back.

      How we can help if you're in financial difficulty

      Unfortunately COVID-19 payment breaks and payment break extensions are no longer available.

      But if you’re struggling with your payments there are other ways we can offer you support today. Please go to our financial difficulty page to find out more.

        Accessing your money

        Accessing your savings account

        Accessing your savings during COVID-19.


          Our interest-free overdrafts have now ended, find out more about what happens next.

            Sending and receiving money internationally

            You can send and receive money at Tesco stores across the country.

              Other things you might find helpful

              Setting up Online Banking

              Learn how to get set-up and about our features

              Setting up on our Mobile App

              Get started with our Mobile App and features we can offer

              Monthly bills too high?

              Save money on your bills