5 unusual but genius ways to save money

Who doesn’t love to save money or get a great deal? Those wins, big or small, give us all a little a boost.

    Published:24 May 2022

    Thinking of new ways to save money can be tricky at times. As we’re creatures of habit, we need fresh ideas to challenge our thinking and change our ways. So try these five quirky money saving tips for size – they actually work, and it’s unlikely you’ve tried all of them before.

      1. Get yourself a pot to save in

      The ‘pot method’ has been around for years and is so simple. But few people take advantage of this super easy money saving tip. Once you have a savings goal, set up a pot – you might have more than one. You can do this with an app or a bank account.

      Then start automating your savings, putting a bit into your pot(s) each month by standing order. Before long, your small amounts will really start to add up. Alternatively, try rounding up your shopping spend with Clubcard Pay+* - it's a great way to start building your savings pot.

        2. Cool your spending with your fridge freezer

        Have you ever thought about freezing all the dry goods in your kitchen? Pasta, flour, sugar and grains all stay fresher for much longer if you freeze them. So less goes to waste.

        And according to fans of frugal living, lots of non-food items can go in the freezer too. Clothing, lipsticks, candles and batteries will last much longer given the cold treatment.

        For something even more radical, you may want to put your spending on ice. Literally. Popping your credit card in water and freezing it solid could be a handy way to make a no-spend period really stick, if you have to.

          3. Unsubscribe to cut out the temptations

          Unsubscribe from the emails you get from places where you’ve shopped before. These offers and promotions can be really tempting. And chances are, they often lead you to buy things that you could probably do without.

            4. Buy seasonal fruit and veg

            Healthy and wholesome, but a money-saver? Yes, actually. The price of all our favourite fruit and veg is lower when it’s in season. It makes sense when you think about it – it can cost less when it isn’t flown from somewhere abroad. Use Love British Food to find out what’s in season when.

              5. Design your own ‘work uniform’

              If you work in an office, you can probably choose to wear a wide selection of clothes from day to day. Though this has its benefits, it can also be costly. And may be a chore at times.

              To create your ‘work uniform’, or capsule wardrobe, choose a few simple colours and items of clothing that all work together. Then mix and match to make different outfits. Over time, you’ll save money by spending less on clothes. And choosing what to wear each day will be so much easier too.

                *Tesco Clubcard Pay+ is provided by Tesco Bank and available to Tesco Clubcard members who are resident in the UK and aged 18 or over. Accounts are subject to status. Exclusions apply to Round Up.

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