Need help logging in to our Mobile Banking App?

How can I log in?

You have a choice of ways to log in:

  • Your security number and password that you also use for Online Banking
  • A five-digit passcode
  • Face ID if you have a compatible iPhone
  • Touch ID or Fingerprint for compatible Android phones

Having trouble logging in? Scroll down for more help on fixing any issues.

      Mobile app log in screen

      Forgotten or locked your security number?

      To create a new security number, go to our Online Banking log in page. After you put in your username, we’ll ask you for your security number. Below where we ask for this, you’ll see a link that says “Forgotten your security number?” which you can click to go on to reset it.

      Before you can do this, we’ll ask you to put in your password and we’ll check that you’re using a recognised device by sending you a code via text message. Then you can set your new security number to use in Online Banking and our Mobile App.

      If we don’t recognise your device, you’ll need to switch to a device you have asked us to recognise previously. In order to reset your security credentials. If you don’t have access to a device you’ve used to log in before (for example, you have a new tablet, phone or computer) you’ll need to contact us to request a Temporary Security number.

          Mobile app forgotten security number screen

          Forgotten or locked your password or passcode?

          If your password is locked or you’ve simply forgotten it, it’s really simple to reset your password in our Mobile App. If your account is locked, our app will ask you to start the reset process when you open it. You’ll also see this message if you enter the wrong log in details three times.

          If you’ve forgotten your password or passcode, you can follow the link below the password field that say “Forgotten your password?”. From here the reset process is simple:

          • We’ll ask for two digits from your security number.
          • Then we’ll send you a one-time access code to your phone.
          • Next you choose your new password – at least seven characters, with a mix of letters and numbers that’s different from your username.
          • That’s it – unless you need to reset your five-digit passcode too? We’ll ask you to choose a new one then you’re good to go.
            Mobile app reset password screen

            Changed your device?

            When you change your device, make sure you reset our app on your old device. To do this, go to Settings scroll down to More and select ‘Reset App’. Then delete the app from your device.

            On your new device, download our Mobile App from either iTunes or Google Play Store. If you have a new mobile number, remember to change this in Online Banking (using your recognised device).

                Mobile app change your device screen

                Is your mobile number up to date?

                It’s important that we have the correct phone number for you when you’re using our Mobile App. We need this so we can send you one-time access code text messages for registering your account or resetting your login details.

                To update your phone number, go to Online Banking and select Manage your account. Then choose Update address, e-mail and phone number.

                    Mobile app confirm your number screen

                    Need help with our Mobile App?

                    If you'd rather talk to us, get in touch. Call our UK-based customer service team on 0345 300 3511* or add 18001 for Typetalk. Our technical helpdesk lines are open 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

                    *This number is designated as a UK landline by mobile phone operators.