A guide to adding an additional cardholder to your credit card

Having an additional person on one credit card can come in handy, especially when you’re using it to pay for shared costs and want to maximise the rewards you can collect on spending. Here's all you need to know about adding an additional cardholder.

    Published:15 Apr 2022


    Adding an additional cardholder to your credit card

    If you have a credit card with Tesco Bank, you’ll be able to add an additional cardholder to your account, as long as they’re over 18.

    When you add an additional cardholder to your credit card, they’ll get their own card and PIN. Bear in mind, however that you should consider only adding somebody you trust, as an additional cardholder will be able to spend up to your agreed credit limit without needing your approval.

      Can I open a joint credit card account?

      In the UK, you can’t open a joint credit card account. You can add an additional cardholder to an existing credit card account in your name, but as the primary cardholder you will ultimately be responsible for managing the account and making sure that at least the minimum monthly payments are made on time.

        What you need to know about adding a cardholder

        • You’ll be solely responsible for repaying all spending on the card, including any charges incurred.
        • Only you, as the primary cardholder, will be able to discuss any details about or make changes to your account.
        • You’ll need to get the additional cardholder’s permission to share their details with your bank.

        Will having an additional cardholder impact my credit score?

        Adding an additional cardholder will not directly impact your credit score or theirs. If you're unable to make your minimum payment, this could have a negative impact on your own credit score. Find out more about how your credit score works.

          What alternative options are there?

          They could apply for their own personal credit card. Our handy credit card eligibility checker can help see if they are likely to be accepted. Find out more about credit cards.

            Important information

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