How we protect you with our fraud prevention and detection measures

The security of your accounts is a priority for Tesco Bank.

We feel that the best way to keep you secure without impacting your ability to use your accounts is by using a multi-layered approach that uses tools and techniques that targets individual fraud issues.

Email and SMS alerts

Account email and SMS alerts

We send alerts by either text message (SMS) or email. We will send alerts if:

  • We suspect your account is at risk from fraud
  • Certain activities occur against your account, for example a change of address
  • We may also send you reminders, for example about registering for online banking or when your statement is available online.

We will never send an alert that requests your security details.

If you are unsure why you have received an alert, you should contact us to ensure that your account has not been compromised.

Soon, you may also receive an SMS when making an online purchase with your credit or debit card. You'll be sent a unique passcode by text message so we can make sure it’s you making the purchase.

It is important you always keep your contact details up to date.

Account monitoring

Account monitoring

We use a variety of sophisticated tools that monitor account behaviour for signs of fraud. These tools significantly reduce the risk of fraud occurring on your account.

Alerts to protect you from suspicious activity are sent by SMS or email, as soon as we notice this activity, whatever the time.

Help with alerts

If you are unsure about the authenticity of the phone call, SMS text message or letter then please call the number on your statement or card. Alternatively, please click the link below to find a relevant security and fraud number.

Online security

Enhanced online banking security

We use the latest technology to manage your Online Banking and Mobile Banking App experiences. We use enhanced security when you register and log into Tesco Bank Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.

Tesco Bank Secure

Tesco Bank Secure

Tesco Bank Secure provides an extra layer of security when making purchases online.

We’re changing how you use your credit and debit card to make a purchase online - instead of using a password you'll be sent a unique passcode by text message so we can make sure it’s you and keep your account as secure as possible.

If we don’t have your current mobile number, you may not be able to make purchases online.

Find out how to check and update your credit card number, and your debit card number.

Anti-phishing strategy

Anti-phishing strategy

Although we have a range of anti-fraud systems and tools to help prevent and detect fraud that stems from phishing emails we also work to close down phishing websites as soon as we detect or are notified of them.

This not only reduces the risk of phishing but also protects unsuspecting recipients of phishing emails from being targeted by any malware that is attached to links in the phishing message.

Your help is vital in this process so if you think that you've received a phishing email please forward it to us.