How fraud occurs and what to look out for

It doesn't take a fraudster much to access enough information to steal your identity, and there are many ways they can get hold of this sensitive information.

Fraud on your account will generally occur in two stages:

  • The theft or compromise of you personal and/or security details
  • Undertaking fraud using your identity on your account

Common methods of stealing or compromising your details

Phishing and Telephone Phishing (Vishing):

Phishing scams involve a fraudster trying to gain information either via email or over the phone. Always be vigilant and do not click on unknown links or share your personal information if you feel uneasy.

Found out more about how to protect yourself against fraud.


Malware is malicious software, such as viruses, that are designed to infect your computer without your consent or knowledge. Malware can take control of your computer and steal your security details.

Be cautious in downloading files and attachments from suspicious sources.

Be wary of companies that ask you to download software that allows them access to your computer or device.

We only distribute our Mobile Banking App from Google Play or the App Store. Don’t try to download the Tesco Mobile Banking App from any other source as it could be phishing or Malware.

There are tools that can help protect against malware – anti virus and browser security software, firewalls and anti-spyware.  Please use them & keep them updated.

Make sure you install the latest operating system and web browser security updates.

If you detect malware on your computer, try to remove it using anti-virus software, or speak to your computer or software supplier’s support centre.

Vigilance is the best defence.

Keeping your accounts safe

There are a number of different ways that fraud can occur so below are some helpful hints on what to look out for and how to avoid falling victim.

  • Be vigilant with the disposal of mail, ensuring that you always shred any documentation that included any personal information or security details.
  • Ensure that we have the correct address details for you and that you always inform us when you move house.
  • Be careful what information you share publically on social media.
  • Be aware of your surrounding when accessing your account (including at ATMs and on your personal devices). Ensure no one can see you enter your security details.

You could be liable for any losses on your account if you are found to have acted with gross negligence and not kept your security details secure.


We'll never phone and ask for all your personal information. If you do receive a call from someone claiming to be from Tesco Bank and you're not sure it's us, hang up and call us back.

Further information

More information on how to protect yourself and how to protect your devices is available at Take Five, which is a joint initiative between Financial Fraud Action UK and the Government.

Visit Take Five