A smarter way to approve your online purchases

New Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations will add an extra layer of security at checkout making it even safer to shop online.

How it works

You'll still be able to pay for your shopping using your debit or credit card, but now we'll ask you to confirm your identity through Visa Secure or Mastercard Identity Check. You can now do this in our App, using your preferred log in method.

If you don't have our App, don't worry, your online payment experience won't change and you'll still be sent a one-time passcode via SMS. To make sure you get your passcode, please make sure your mobile number is correct.

The web pages you see when making a payment may look slightly different from the mobile screens below.

    Download our Mobile App now

    Using our Mobile App is the most secure way to authenticate your payments, without the need for one-time passcodes.

    What to do when you're asked to authorise a payment

    • When you pay for something on a website or app, occasionally you'll be asked to authorise your payment in our App. You'll have 10 minutes to do this before the payment times out.
    • If you have push notifications turned on, we'll send a message to your mobile device asking that you authorise the payment. Tap on the notification to be taken straight to the in-app authorisation page.
    • If you don't have push notifications switched on you can just tap on our App from your phone's home screen.
      mobile screenshot of payment authorisation screen

      Confirming your payment

      • Check you're happy with the amount of your purchase and that the card you're using is right.
      • If you want to go ahead, just select Authorise. Or if you need to, you can cancel or report a suspicious payment from here too.
      • You'll confirm your identity using your preferred log in method.
      • Now select Done and go back to the retailer's website or app.
        mobile screenshot of payment authorisation screen

        Completing your payment

        • Now you're back on the retailer's website or app, select the I've authorised the payment button.
        • The retailer will let you know you've successfully made your order.
          mobile screenshot of payment complete screen

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