Easy, secure card payments online

Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure

We've made shopping online even simpler and safer. When you pay online with your debit or credit card, we may send a code to your phone to check its you.

    How it works

    • Pay online with your debit or credit card.
    • We may ask you for a one-time passcode.
    • Choose your phone number and we'll send you a code.
    • When prompted enter the code to confirm it's you.
      A hand holding a phone with Tesco bank mobile app open on it.

      Have we got the correct phone number for you?

      To make sure you're able to make payments, we need the correct number for you and any additional cardholders on your accounts.

      You can check the phone numbers on each of your accounts in Online Banking.

      If you're an additional credit card holder, choose your phone number from the selection of numbers we show that codes can be sent to. If your phone number doesn't appear or is incorrect, just ask the primary cardholder to update your number on their account.

        Some frequently asked questions

        What is Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure?

        Mastercard Identity Check and Visa Secure offer an extra layer of security when making card purchases online, to check it's you.

          What is a one-time passcode?

          A one-time passcode is a 6 digit code that we may send to your phone when you buy things online, to check it's you. We'll ask you to choose the phone number we send it to, then prompt you to enter the code to complete the payment.

            How do I know the passcode is from Tesco Bank?

            You'll see the sender of the text is 'TescoBank', and will include the name of the company you're making a purchase from.

              What if someone asks me for my passcode?

              You should never share your passcode with anyone - it's only to be used as part of the Mastercard Identity Check or Visa Secure when you're making a payment online.

                Why isn't my phone number showing?

                We only show the phone numbers that you've given to us for your account. If your number isn't there, you can change your contact details in Online Banking.

                  What if I don't have a mobile?

                  You can choose to have the passcode sent to your UK landline number.

                    What if I have a new phone number or my number is wrong?

                    Just follow these simple instructions to check and update your phone number.

                      My code hasn't arrived, what can I do?

                      The code can take a little bit of time to arrive. Make sure that your mobile or landline is able to receive the code then wait a few minutes and ask us to resend a new code. If you still don't receive a code, please get in touch.

                      Remember, if you're using your phone abroad, even if it is a UK mobile number, this could cause a delay in receiving the code.

                        My code isn't working, what can I do?

                        Check you're entering the code correctly and if it doesn't work, wait a few minutes and ask us to resend a new code to start again. Still not working? Please get in touch.

                          I'm using the right code, but my payment has been declined?

                          We use the code to check it's you, but there are other reasons why the payment may have been declined. You might not have enough money available to make the payment, you may have made a mistake entering your card details, or your card could have expired.

                            Will I be charged for the text?

                            You won't be charged for receiving the text in the UK, if you're abroad you may be charged, but this depends on your contract and phone provider.