Help with money worries caused by the end of a relationship

If you’re now left with money issues after getting divorced or the end of a relationship with shared finances, we can help. Just get in touch and we can give you the support you need. You’re not alone, we help our customers to figure out similar issues all the time - just like we did with Michael.

    Michael found he couldn’t afford to keep his home

    Two years ago, Michael bought a new home with his partner. They took out a credit card to help pay for renovations, and for a while they got by working extra hours to pay this off. But sadly, the relationship ended leaving Michael with a house and higher bills that he couldn’t afford. On top of coming to terms with the end of the relationship, he had the added pressure of having to sell their shared home and finding somewhere to rent.

      He needed a little breathing space so got in touch

      Michael needed time to sell the house so called our Customer Support Team. He wanted to see if we could reduce his monthly repayments for a short time. This would give him the breathing space he needed to get settled into his new place and get his property on the market.

        How we helped Michael

        After discussing his circumstances, we agreed a six-month reduced repayment plan. This would have an effect on his credit rating but gave him the short-term relief he needed at the time.

        Michael called us a few months later to tell us he’d sold his property and was then able to clear the arrears on his credit card. We were pleased that we were able to support Michael during a difficult point in his life and are happy he’s now in a better place with his money.

          How we can help you

          If you’re in a similar situation to Michael or something else is causing you money worries, just call our Customer Support Team on 0345 301 4971 or 0345 030 3188 if you only have Insurance with us.