Help with money worries caused by losing your income

If you’ve lost your job or changes at work mean you’re earning less, we can help. All you need to do is get in touch. Cheryl recently found herself in the same position, as many of our customers do. We helped her to make a plan for her finances in her new situation.

    Suddenly Cheryl’s income was gone

    Cheryl and her partner had just moved into their first house together. To get set up, they’d used their credit card to buy some of the things they needed for their new home.

    But then out of the blue, Cheryl found out she was going to lose her job with one month’s pay. Just when she was wanting to settle into a new life with her partner, she was worrying about how they’d manage without her income.

      So she reached out to see what we could do

      Cheryl called us and spoke to our Customer Support Team. She told us what had happened and that she didn’t know how they could afford to pay what was due for their next credit card payment. She explained that her partner’s income was covering the essentials, and they only had money left for a small payment to their credit card. Cheryl was busy looking for a new job but wasn’t sure how long that would take.

        How we helped Cheryl

        We discussed the different options that were available and talked her through the effect they may have on her credit rating. We agreed a short term reduced repayment plan for 3 months. This gave Cheryl time to focus on her job search and lifted the worry of being unable to afford her payments.

        After the plan came to an end, we checked in with Cheryl. We were pleased to hear she had just started a new job. If she’d still been job-hunting, our Customer Support Team would have discussed how we could continue supporting her.

          How we can help you

          If you’re in a similar situation to Cheryl or something else is causing you money worries, just call our Customer Support Team on 0345 301 4971 or 0345 030 3188 if you only have Insurance with us.