Help with money worries caused by mental health issues

If mental health issues are affecting your money situation, talk to us. We’re here to help. When you get in touch, we’ll discuss the steps we can take to assist you, whatever your personal circumstances. We have a specialist team ready to support customers in this way – John is just one of the many we’ve helped over the years.

    John was having a difficult time after a career in the army

    John served in the Royal Marines for many years, including the Falkland and Iraq wars. He’d had a rewarding military career but had retired having lost a leg in active service. John also suffered PTSD, depression and anxiety. When he got in touch with us, he was living in his car following separation from wife.

      He called us for help with his credit card account

      Without a regular home address John was finding it hard to get the support he needed. His army pension didn’t cover his outgoings, so he was overspending each month. As a proud man, John wanted to cover his costs but found he couldn’t afford to pay off his outstanding credit card balance.

        How we helped John

        When John called our customer support team, one of our colleagues who’d previously served in the Navy heard about his case. He suggested John contact the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity to see if there was anything they could do. John agreed to us sharing his contact details, and they were able to give him the help he needed. With the charity able to help John get back on his feet, we set up a plan for him to repay his credit card debt with affordable monthly payments.

          How we can help you

          If you’re in a similar situation to John or something else is causing you money worries, just call our Customer Support Team on 0345 301 4971 or 0345 030 3188 if you only have Insurance with us.