Help with money worries caused by an abusive relationship

If you’re struggling with money because of issues at home, we can help. Just get in touch. We have a team of specialists on hand to support you. We help customers in similar positions all the time. Just like how we helped Mrs Smith take control of her money situation and plan for her future.

    Mrs Smith was focussed on her daughter’s future

    Mrs Smith was going through a lot: police interviews, an ongoing court case involving her ex-partner, and counselling to help her cope with this intimidating process. With everything happening, she had to give up work. But with her 4 year old daughter about to start school, her little girl’s future was her focus.

      So she got in touch for some support from us

      Mrs Smith called our Financial Assist Customer Support Team. She told us that she was planning to start working soon. She was getting help with her benefits which had replaced the child support that her ex-partner had stopped paying.

        How we helped Mrs Smith

        As she’d missed some of her loan payments, we discussed the different options that were available and what they could mean for her credit rating. Her main worry was her account being closed because she hadn’t made her payments, as this would affect her credit file for 6 years. But with money now coming in from her benefits, we were able to set up a repayment plan that Mrs Smith could afford to clear her arrears, so this didn’t happen.

          How we can help you

          If you’re in a similar situation to Mrs Smith or something else is causing you money worries, just call our Customer Support Team on 0345 301 4971 or 0345 030 3188 if you only have Insurance with us. UK Finance have a leaflet with more detail on Financial Abuse including charities who are able to help you.