Current account fraud update

17 November 2016

Customer Apology and Update

Normal service resumed at Tesco Bank on Wednesday 9 November 2016 following the temporary suspension of online debit transactions from current accounts on Monday 7 November 2016.

We have refunded all customer accounts which were affected by the fraud on 5/6 November and are taking every step to compensate anyone who has been out of pocket as a result of the incident. We are here to help you, so if you have any questions please e-mail, or call 0345 835 3353. Please be reassured that none of your personal data has been lost. We are limited by what we can say publicly about how the attack took place, as this is still a criminal investigation, but we want you to know that the security and protection of your money and information remains our number one priority.

Thank you for your ongoing patience, and again, let me apologise for the inconvenience caused. We will do everything it takes to ensure you can have confidence in Tesco Bank.

Benny Higgins
Chief Executive, Tesco Bank

What you need to know

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to contact you if I suspect there’s been fraud on my account?

If you suspect things are not as they should be, please contact us on the email below. If your balances are as normal then you do not need to contact us.

Will all losses be refunded?

No customer will be left out of pocket as result of this matter. All customers have been refunded and if customers have concerns that they have experienced additional financial loss they should email us on:

I am still having transactions declined?

All customers have been refunded and can make online debit card transactions. In line with our normal practice to protect customers, some transactions will continue to be monitored as normal. In these instances, customers should contact us as normal on 0345 835 3353.

Should I change all of my online banking and personal details that you hold?

Tesco Bank has not been subject to a security compromise and it is not necessary for customers to change their login or password details. To stay safe online we do recommend that customers regularly change their passwords.

What should I do if my credit rating has been affected?

We have taken steps to ensure that customers’ existing bill payments and direct debits will continue as normal. We are working to ensure customer credit files will not be impacted as a result.

Will customers be receiving a new card?

Our current account debit cards are completely safe to use. However we have decided to reissue a new debit card to those customers that were notified of potential fraudulent activity. Customers will be able to use their existing cards until they receive their new card, and when their new card arrives, their PIN won’t change.

Still have questions?

If you have any concerns or have incurred additional financial loss, please email us on: