Your Terms and Conditions

On this page you will find copies of the Terms & Conditions which apply to your credit card today. We’ve also listed all our notifications we send you when we make changes.

Changes to your Credit Card Agreement

We’re making some changes to your Credit Card Agreement which will take effect from 17 July 2024. You’ll receive details of these changes by post or email along with your monthly statement, but you can also save or print a copy below.

    Terms & Conditions

    These are the terms that apply today. If you want to know how they have changed in recent years, you can see all the notifications we've sent you below.

      If you're a Business Credit Card customer, please contact us to get a copy of your current terms and conditions.

        Notices of variation

        From time to time, we update our Terms & Conditions. We'll send you a notification of these changes at least one month before the changes come into effect.

        Here you can find copies of all the notifications we have sent to you since 2016.