Credit card application outcomes​

After you've chosen a credit card that suits your needs, the next step is to fill out an application. This is usually done online.


If you meet the requirements, then your application will be accepted. In many cases, you will be notified immediately and will be able to view the credit agreement and terms and conditions. If you're satisfied with the APR and credit limit, and you've accepted the terms and conditions, then your application process will be complete and you can expect to receive your credit card within a couple of weeks.


    If your application is referred it means that the credit card provider needs more information before a decision is made about whether or not to accept your application. This could be because your application wasn't fully completed, or it could mean that there's not enough information on your credit history. If this happens, your application will go into a referral queue and the credit card provider will most likely be in touch to get more information before making a decision.


      There are several factors that could result in your application being declined. In some cases, it could be as simple as the application form not being filled out correctly. Other reasons might be that you haven't held your current job for long enough, or there isn't enough information on your credit history. Your credit history is built up from past borrowing, such as other credit cards, mortgages, mobile phone contracts, and so on. If you haven't had a credit card before, your credit history might be limited, in which case you may need to build your credit profile. It is important to be aware that if your application is declined, a number of credit card applications conducted over a short period of time could affect your credit rating.

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