Apply for your Internet Saver Account

Make sure you're ready to apply

Some things you should know to make your application go smoothly:

  • You can only apply if you live in the UK
  • You'll need your bank account details handy during the application process
  • You can pay money into your account once your application is complete, but you won't be able to take money out until you send us certain information by post. We'll tell you what this involves once your account is open.
  • Please note that there is a limit of six Internet Saver accounts that you can hold at any one time

Let’s check you’re eligible

  • Are you at least 18 years of age?
  • Are you a permanent UK resident, or do you have a British Forces Post Office address?
  • Will you only be using this account for personal (not business) transactions?
  • Can you confirm you won't deposit income payments such as salary and pensions directly into the account?
  • Can you confirm you won't make international payments directly into the account?

Please note: If you're applying for a joint account, you must have the permission of the other applicant, and the above statements must be true about both of you.

    Error: Please confirm you are eligible

    You're all set to go ahead and apply

    You will need about 10 minutes and can transfer funds from an existing Tesco Bank account once this account is open.