Close your Tesco Bank Credit Card account

If you don't want to accept your new interest rates, we'll close your credit card account at your current rates. You'll just need your 16-digit credit card number and a few details.

    Answers to all the questions you might have about the process.

    How do I update my details?

    You can check and update your details on our Mobile App or Online Banking. Please make sure your details are up to date as we need them to send an email to you to confirm your account closure.

      What if I have a credit balance?

      If you have overpaid in the past and have a credit balance, you can arrange a transfer through our Mobile Banking App or Online Banking before returning to this form.

        What happens if I want to reopen my account after I close it?

        Your account can’t be reopened once it’s closed, and you won’t be able to use Online Banking or our Mobile Banking App. We’ll send your final statement by post if you're currently using paperless statements.

          What happens to my regular payments?

          If you’ve set up regular payments for things like Netflix or gym memberships, you’ll need to cancel these with the company.

            What happens to additional card holders?

            If you have any additional cardholders, you should make them aware that they'll no longer be able to use their credit cards.

              Will I lose access to my Clubcard?

              If you use your credit card as your Clubcard and now need a separate Clubcard, you can request a replacement by calling 0330 123 1688* (Mon – Fri: 8am – 8pm, Sat 9am – 6pm).
              Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive minutes by your phone operator.