Is a personal loan right for me?

It's important that you think about whether a personal loan is the right option for you. To help you do this, you should think about the following questions.

    Is a loan the best choice?

    A personal loan is fixed for a set period of time. It can be used for a variety of purposes. If you need flexible borrowing, there may be other options such as a credit card or overdraft.

    You can make additional payments to reduce what you owe or repay the loan in full early. If you pay off your loan early in full, we will make an interest charge of 28 days deferred interest and it may also include an amount equal to 30 days interest.

      Can I afford this loan?

      Think about your current monthly outgoings and in particular your existing financial commitments such as your mortgage, credit cards or other personal loans. Can you still afford to pay these if you take out a Tesco Bank Loan? Will you also be able to make the monthly payments on your Tesco Bank Loan every month?

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