Complaints data

This page provides details about the number of complaints we've received, how quickly we dealt with those complaints and how many we upheld.

Tesco Bank’s goal is to make banking and insurance easier and better value for people who shop at Tesco. We recognise that sometimes things do go wrong and if this happens our aim is to rectify any issues as quickly as we can.

We want customers to tell us about any complaints or concerns they might have, so that we can put matters right. Complaints also provide us with valuable feedback about our products and service, helping us to ensure that we are continually improving the service and experience our customers have with us.

If you would like to know more about how to make a complaint, you can visit our complaints page.

    Complaints Publication Report

    The table below provides details about the number of complaints we have reported, how quickly we dealt with those complaints and how many we upheld (we have created a glossary to help explain what the headings in the table mean).

    Firm name: Tesco Personal Finance PLC

    Period covered in this return: 1st September 2020 to 28th February 2021

    Brands/trading names covered: Tesco Bank

      *Number of complaints opened by volume of business

      Product / service grouping

      Provision (for reporting period end date)*

      Intermediation (within the reporting period)*

      Number of complaints opened

      Number of complaints closed

      Volume / % closed within 3 days

      Volume / % closed after 3 days but within 8 weeks

      Volume / % closed after 8 weeks

      Volume / % upheld

      Main cause of complaints opened

      Banking and credit cards

        4.78 per 1000 accounts




                6,501 / 41%

                  9,461 / 59%

                    33 / <1%

                      7,992 / 50%

                        Disputes over sums / charges

                          Home finance

                            0 per 1000 sales




                                    0 / 0%

                                      4 / 100%

                                        0 / 0%

                                          1 / 25%

                                            Other general admin/customer service

                                              Insurance and pure protection (inc. PPI)

                                                4.5 per 1000 policies in force




                                                        2,122 / 42%

                                                          1,134 / 22%

                                                            1,789 / 35%

                                                              2,716 / 54%

                                                                Unclear guidance / arrangement

                                                                  Credit related (Lending)

                                                                    3.87 per 1000 accounts/loans







                                                                                  1,147 / 66%


                                                                                      *Number of complaints opened by volume of business

                                                                                      To put these figures into context:

                                                                                      • 22,364 complaints (20,349 related to Banking, Mortgages and Insurance, 1,740 related to Lending) were received over the period, an increase of 3% on the volume received in the previous 6 months.
                                                                                      • 91.3% of our complaints were resolved within 8 weeks. Excluding PPI, 99.8% of our complaints were resolved within 8 weeks.
                                                                                      • We have 3.27 million Banking accounts made up from our Savings, Credit Card and Current Account products, 450,000 Loans products, and 1.06 million Car and Home Insurance policies in force.

                                                                                      Details of the number of cases referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) can be found from visiting their website below.

                                                                                        Glossary of complaint terms

                                                                                        Complaint opened: This means when the complaint reached us.

                                                                                        Complaint closed: This means when we have finished looking into the complaint and the customer has told us that they are happy with the outcome; or we have issued a letter giving our final response.

                                                                                        Complaints closed within 8 weeks: We try and handle the majority of complaints within 8 weeks. This is the timescale set by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority.

                                                                                        Complaints upheld by firm: This means the percentage of complaints that were resolved in the customer's favour.