Calculate the cost of using your card abroad

Here’s how we work out the exchange rate for your Tesco Bank Credit or Debit Card when you spend with European currencies

How we set our exchange rates

The European Central Bank (ECB) publishes reference exchange rates for the Euro (and other European Economic Area currencies). These reference exchange rates are not available directly to consumers.

Banks and credit card providers use a card scheme (the two biggest are Mastercard and Visa) to manage payments. Card schemes set exchange rates for foreign transactions which are often higher than the ECB reference exchange rate.

Banks or credit card issuers can either pass on the card scheme exchange rate directly to their customers, or add a mark-up or fees. We don’t add a mark-up to the exchange rates set by the card schemes, but some of our products have a foreign exchange fee.

How to see if you’re getting a good deal

All banks are required to show you the ECB reference exchange rate and any mark-up or fees they add on top.

Using the calculator below, you can see how we use card scheme rates set by Mastercard or Visa, and pass it on to you with just a foreign exchange fee added.

Your results

Based on a transaction made on :


exchange rate = 1


foreign exchange fee (%)


Total cost to you

Difference between Tesco Bank and European Central Bank rate:


Tesco Bank Rate


European Central Bank Rate = 1


% percentage difference between Tesco Bank and European Central Bank Rate

The rates provided reflect the actual rates and fees as of the date entered. In the event that the actual transaction occurs on a different date, or the merchant is delayed in submitting the transaction, the applicable rate of exchange may vary.