Vet fees guide

Vet fees will vary but here is a list of the average costs of various treatments.

Please remember this is simply a guideline and is only to give you an indication of costs involved.

What should I do?

General descriptionAnimal typeAverage Price
Annual booster Cat £35
Annual booster Dog £33
Blood test Cat £109
Blood test Dog £128
Castrate Cat £52
Castrate Dog £272
Dental surgery Cat £233
Dental surgery Dog £160
Drugs Dog £78
Microchip Dog £30
Overnight stay Cat £336
Overnight stay Dog £550
Parasite treatment Cat £25
Parasite treatment Dog £44
Parasite treatment Rabbit £50
Pedicure Cat £60
Pedicure Sedated £243
Road accident Cat £300
Road accident Dog £674
Spay Cat £59
Spay Dog £105
Surgery Cat £250
Surgery Dog £582
Surgery Minor £330
Vaccination Kitten £28
Vaccination Puppy £29
X ray Dog £232

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