0% interest on balance or money transfers on your account

You’ll have just received a letter or email about the new 0% interest rate for balance or money transfers on your account. Transfers can be completed in a few simple steps using our Mobile Banking App or Online Banking. If you’re unsure which option is right for you, this page has some additional detail to help.

    Balance transfers

    A balance transfer allows you to transfer a balance from a non-Tesco Bank credit card to your Tesco Bank credit card.

      Money transfers

      A money transfer allows you to use your Tesco Bank credit card to transfer money to your current account.

        How to make a transfer

        Our Mobile Banking App is the simplest and fastest way to make a transfer. Get started with the app or log into Online Banking. Follow the steps below:

          Using the Mobile Banking App

          • If you haven’t used the Mobile App before, you’ll need to download it for your device and register your card first.
          • Open the Mobile App and log in.
          • If you have an iOS device, tap Account management, or if you have an Android device, tap the menu icon at the bottom-left of the screen. Then, tap Balance transfer or Money transfer.
          • Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your passcode or use your fingerprint to authorise the transfer request.

            Using Online Banking

            • If you haven’t already register for online banking.
            • Log in to Online Banking with your username, security number and password.
            • Click the blue tile for the credit card you want to complete a balance or money transfer on.
            • To request a balance transfer click the balance transfer option as shown to the left. Follow the instructions on the screen.
            • To request a money transfer click the money transfer option as shown to the left. Follow the instructions on the screen.

                Looking for help?

                If you need a bit more help with your balance and money transfers, head to our help sections for our Mobile App and Online Banking to watch useful videos and find our FAQs. You can also ask us questions directly on Your Community, where you can share knowledge and learn from fellow customers.