Current accounts

when you spend

Extra Clubcard points when you use your
debit card

when you don't

3% AER interest on balances up to £3,000

A £5 monthly fee - which you don't pay if you deposit £750 each month.

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Win when you spend

Collect Clubcard points on almost everything you buy with your debit card. Plus extra points at Tesco. It's a little 'thank you' from us.

Collect one Clubcard point for every £4 you spend in Tesco, with a minimum of £4 each transaction. And one Clubcard point for every £8 you spend out of Tesco, with a minimum of £8 each transaction.

Extra Clubcard points

Win when you don't

We pay 3.00% AER (variable) / 2.96% gross interest monthly on credit balances up to £3,000.

Earn 3% AER variable

AER - is 'Annual Equivalent Rate'. It tells you the interest you'd earn by leaving your money in the account for a full year. So you're earning interest on the sum you've saved, as well as on the interest it has earned that year.

Gross - this is interest we pay before tax.

Net - this is interest we pay after tax.

Double points offer for existing current account customers

Make the most of your bank holiday with double Clubcard points

All you need to do is use your Tesco Bank debit card to spend in Tesco from Thursday 21 May until Monday 25 May 2015.

Because your debit card is your Clubcard too, this means you'll collect 10 Clubcard points for every £4 spent when you use it to shop with Tesco, online or in store - that's double the normal rate you get with your debit card.

See below for full terms and conditions.

Double points offer

Double points terms and conditions

Minimum spend to qualify for the points offer is £4. Any transactions less than £4 will not be eligible for additional points. Customers must use their Tesco Bank debit card to pay, either in store or online, to be eligible. Spend between 00.01am on 21/05/15 and 23.59pm on 25/05/15 will be eligible for this offer.

Points offer is available on all Tesco spend during the offer period, including fuel and online.

Under the terms of the offer, if you pay on your debit card, we’ll double the points that you would have received. For example, instead of receiving 5 points on a £4 spend, you get 10 points.

Points will be added to your next available Clubcard statement under the section headed "Clubcard points from Tesco Bank". Extra points will not appear on till receipts and may take up to 8 weeks to show in My Clubcard online account. The points will be included in the Tesco Bank Current Account total. The Clubcard scheme is administered by Tesco Stores who are responsible for fulfilling points

Points exclusions

Points exclusions apply to certain items at Tesco, and you won’t collect Clubcard points on non-card purchases. These include payments from your current account (such as standing orders and Direct Debits), in-store cash or cheque deposits, refunds, and when you use your debit card to pay for bills at banks or other financial institutions.

You cannot collect Clubcard points when you use your card to get cash. This includes cashback, in-store cash withdrawals, withdrawing cash at a cash machine, gambling, purchasing travel money and wire transfers.

Fair and simple overdrafts

One easy-to-understand interest rate. And no fee just for having an overdraft.

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It's easy to move to Tesco Bank

The Current Account Switch Service makes it simple to move from your existing bank. Once your debit card is activated, switching takes just seven working days - guaranteed. It's the ideal way to get the most from your Tesco Bank Current Account.

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