Using your credit card overseas

Your credit card can be a great holiday companion. It's light, it's durable and it's secure. It can also be safer than taking cash and travellers cheques abroad.

We've put together some useful tips on how to keep costs down and protect against theft and fraud while you're on holiday.

Keep costs down

When you use your credit card abroad, there is a range of different charges that can apply to your card. To keep fees down try and use your credit card for larger purchases.

Depending on your credit card supplier, you may be charged a fee each time you withdraw cash.

Protect against theft

If your card is lost or stolen while you're abroad, you should be able to get a free replacement, normally within 24 hours. If you’ve just taken cash on holiday with you, you wouldn't have been covered.

Forewarned is forearmed

Active Monitoring can detect suspicious purchases on your credit card at home and abroad. Whether you're purchasing a carpet in Turkey or a tea set in Egypt, we can track your spending.

Clubcard Credit Card

For more information about the Clubcard Credit Card from Tesco Bank.

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