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How to identify a genuine Tesco Bank email

We typically send two types of emails: servicing alerts and marketing emails.

Email alerts about your Tesco Bank accounts

For security purposes, we send out a number of emails that remind you of actions that you have recently taken. These include changing your address and telephone numbers and registering or resetting your Tesco Secure password. We can also send you emails encouraging you to register for Online Banking if you haven’t already done so.

Marketing emails about our Tesco and Tesco Bank products

If you have not opted out of receiving marketing emails, we may occasionally send you offers about other Tesco and Tesco Bank offers.

Please remember

In all our emails the security information and small print is detailed and informative. Any links to Tesco Bank web pages will include ''. If you have any suspicions, visit our website directly instead of using the link in the email.

We will never include personal or account information that could help phishers identify you.

We will never email you asking for your personal or security information.

How to identify a phishing email

Phishing emails are sent to you with the intention of either obtaining your security details or getting you to click on a link that will then load malware on to your computer. Please remember we will never email you asking for personal or security information.

See the below example for typical traits of a phishing email:

Example of a phishing email

Help and further information

See more phishing examples at Bank Safe Online.

Find out more about phishing at Get Safe Online.

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