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Fixed rate mortgages

  • Fix your rate for 2, 3 or 5 years.
  • Fixed rate, so you'll know exactly how much you'll pay each month.

Little extras with your Tesco Bank Fixed Rate Mortgage

  • Collect Clubcard points on all our mortgages.
  • If you're remortgaging, we'll pay your standard legal fees and your first standard valuation fee (exclusions apply).


Remortgaging is usually straightforward but if additional surveys or legal work is required, then you'll have to cover these costs yourself.


A mortgage that lets you choose

It's easy to budget with a fixed monthly payment. Our fixed rate mortgages are flexible too:

  • Make overpayments – repay up to 20% of your mortgage a year during the initial fixed period, and there's no Early Repayment Charge. After you make an overpayment you can't withdraw the money you've paid.
  • Choose your payment date – from the 1st to the 28th of each month.
  • Take a payment holiday – after you've made six monthly payments, you could apply for a one month payment holiday. You can take two payment holidays in any 12 month period, and up to six over the term of your mortgage. After a payment holiday, your payments could go up.
  • Borrow more – made six consecutive monthly payments? You can apply for additional borrowing; handy if you want to build an extension or make home improvements. Choose from our range of rates that are available at the time. Fees may apply. Additional borrowing will increase the total amount you owe, the interest payable and your monthly payments.
  • Take your mortgage with you - our mortgages are portable, so if you move home in the future, you could keep your rate for your outstanding mortgage balance. Subject to assessment. Fees and charges may apply.

Apply online or by phone. Or both.

Start your application online – then continue on the phone if you want help from one of our team.

A charge you might have to pay if you redeem some or all of your mortgage during the initial rate period.

Clubcard points

Collect Clubcard points with your Tesco Bank Mortgage

  • Every month – you'll collect one Clubcard point for every £4 of your monthly mortgage payment.
  • Overpay and collect – if you make a regular or lump sum overpayment, you'll collect one Clubcard point for every £4 you overpay.

When you won't collect Clubcard points

You won't collect points on any fees or charges paid separately from your monthly payments, or on any overpayment that pays off your mortgage in full.

Clubcard is administered by Tesco Stores. Tesco Stores are responsible for fulfilling points.

Remember, Early Repayment Charges apply when you overpay above the agreed limit.

When your fixed rate ends

Once your initial fixed rate period ends, you'll automatically switch to our Standard Variable Rate. Before that happens, we'll get in touch.

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