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What type of credit card spender are you?

Credit cards have a variety of functions, so it's not surprising that they are used in many different ways by their holders. Whether you use yours for little luxuries, gaining rewards, building your credit history or emergencies only, it's useful to be aware of your spending habits. Consider the questions below to see what kind of spender you might be.

What type of credit card spender are you?

Knowing how you spend could give you a better idea of the type of card that suits your needs, and so could help you make an informed decision when applying for one.

1. How often do you spend on your credit card?

  • A. all the time, and for a variety of different things
  • B. rarely, but when I do it's a big buy
  • C. a couple of times a week on essentials
  • D. whenever it's the most convenient or rewarding option

2. What do you usually use your credit card for?

  • A. anything I want or need that my finances can’t quite stretch to
  • B. big luxuries or costly emergencies
  • C. everyday staples
  • D. anything and everything

3. Which of these are you most likely to spend on using your credit card?

  • A. household items
  • B. a well-deserved holiday
  • C. weekly shop
  • D. dinner at a fancy restaurant

4. What's your main reason for using a credit card?

  • A. sometimes my bank balance doesn’t quite cover what I want to buy that month
  • B. I want to (or need to) make a big purchase, but haven’t got time to save
  • C. I could use cash, but want to build a good credit history
  • D. I could use cash, but often a credit card is just more convenient or comes with rewards