Home movers' checklist

Moving house provides the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start and have a major sort-out of your belongings. From taking old clothes to charity shops to selling unwanted furniture online, there are many ways you can prepare for the next chapter of your life and ensure you only take what you need to your new home. It's also worth taking precautions to make sure your most valuable possessions don't get lost or damaged in the moving process.

Stay on top of who you've informed with our home movers' checklist, which you can download.

Moving tips

So that your move is as stress-free as possible, here are some of our top tips for before and during the big day:

  • Get quotes from at least three removal companies before you begin negotiations, comparing offers to get a good idea of what you should be paying.
  • Move during the week if you are able to - removal companies tend to be in high demand over the weekend, so this could cut costs.
  • Make sure you have insured your belongings for transit. The removal company may include this in the cost, but be sure to check upfront.
  • If you have children, see if they can stay with family during the moving period. This will relieve stress for both you and the kids.
  • Remember to round up all of the keys to the property you are leaving, reclaiming those that you've given to friends, relatives and neighbours. If you're selling your house, pass the keys on to your solicitor to ensure they reach your buyer safely.
  • Make sure you've notified the post office, bank and other relevant establishments of your new address.
  • Make sure your removal specialists have a reasonably detailed plan so that they know roughly where everything needs to be positioned. This will save you having to shift items like a double bed on your own.
  • Give your new home a thorough spring clean before the move takes place. Setting up furniture in dusty rooms won't make for an enjoyable start.
  • Use the move as an excuse to shed some of the junk you've accumulated over the years. A garage sale, or the internet equivalent, could raise the cash for a well-deserved takeaway to celebrate your first night in your new home.

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