Home buyers' checklist

House hunting can be as overwhelming as it is exciting, and in order for you to successfully find your dream home, there are a number of questions you'll need to ask about each property. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to purchase your second or third home, the experience of buying a property can always be made easier. We've put together a home buyers' checklist prompting the kind of questions that will help to simplify the house-viewing process.

In our home buyers' checklist, you will find:

  • Mini checklists relating to the property's location (its proximity to schools, surgeries and shops).
  • Points to look out for regarding storage space, the condition of each room, central heating and interior design.
  • A list of important questions that may otherwise slip your mind, such as the average cost of bills, council tax bands and the reasons why the current owners are leaving.
  • Space to make notes on the price of the property, offers that have been submitted so far, and anything else of importance.

Choosing a new house ought to be an exciting experience and we hope that our home buyers' checklist will help towards making this life-changing decision a little easier.

You can download the checklist, and don't forget to print it out so you can take it with you the next time you visit a new property.

Home viewing tips

There are a number of things you can do when browsing a prospective home to make sure it's the right property for you, such as:

  • Visiting the property multiple times, at different times of the day.
  • Taking your time while looking around.
  • Making sure you spend time outside the house, in the local area.
  • Checking traffic in the area during rush hour.
  • Taking someone with you - they will notice things you don't, and it's good to get a second opinion.
  • Looking out for damp and any other potential cover-ups - if you do spot something, make sure it is investigated further.
  • Imagine yourself in the property - will your furniture fit in each room? Is the house itself big enough?
  • Taking a camera with you - viewing lots of different properties can be overwhelming, so taking some snaps to look over later will help to remind you about each property and ultimately enable you to make your decision.
  • Asking for the floor plan - this will help you to plan how your furniture will be arranged.
  • Finding out what furniture/fixtures are included in the sale price.
  • Looking out for an attic - if there is one, is it accessible and floored?

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