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Data may be obtained from and shared with the wider Tesco Group, credit reference agencies and fraud prevention agencies on an ongoing basis. Information on how your data is collected and how your personal data is used (including profiling and automated decisions) and your rights under the data protection laws are available to read in our privacy notice. More information

Details about the information you provide and the charges that could apply

  • Make sure the information you enter during the quote process is accurate, as it could affect the cover you have under the policy or any claims you make.
  • If you do not answer any questions honestly, withhold information, or do not select the correct level of cover to replace 'as new' your contents and valuables, personal possessions, specified items and bicycles, we may refuse to pay your claim, pay only part of your claim, and/or void your policy.

Some important documents to read

Monetary levels, excesses and exclusions apply

Before you buy your Tesco Bank Home Insurance online, please read the policy documents to ensure that the policy you select meets your needs. The policy booklet and product information documents outline the benefits, limitations and exclusions that will apply to your cover.

    About Our Insurance Services

    For cancellation rights and the refunds that apply or for any charges which may apply should you need to make changes or cancel your policy, please view the link below and the cancellation section of your policy booklet.

      How we collect and use your personal data

      Tesco Personal Finance plc, trading as Tesco Bank as part of the Tesco Group and the insurer who may underwrite your policy take the security of your data seriously. Detailed information on how we handle your data and your rights under data protection laws is available in our privacy notice.

      We collect data when you browse our website (e.g. your IP address), request a quotation, partially complete a quotation and do not purchase; or provide data indirectly via price comparison sites. We keep quote data for up to 7 years and we may use this information if you apply for a product again in the future.

      We will use your data to give you quotes, provide our services to you, perform eligibility checks, work out financial and insurance risk, manage debt, protect you and us against fraud and financial crime and manage and develop our business. Automated decisions may be taken to detect crime and for credit scoring.

      We use data such as your name and address, to find any Clubcard(s) that are linked to your address. That might be your Clubcard, the Clubcard of other family member(s), or the Clubcard of house or flat mates. We may use this information to tailor our communications and to try to bring you better terms, deals or offers, and this may include profiling on an on-going basis. We may also award Clubcard points.

      Data may be obtained from and shared with the wider Tesco Group, credit reference agencies (CRAs) and fraud prevention agencies (FPAs). The FPAs will potentially use it to prevent fraud and money-laundering, verify your identity and establish your right to UK Residency. Depending on the outcome, this could result in the refusal of certain services, finance or employment. We will supply your personal information to CRAs and they will give us information about you on an ongoing basis.

      By proceeding with your application you acknowledge we can use your data in this way.

      Please see our privacy notice if you would like to know more.

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