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How to get more from your Tesco Christmas shopping from now until 13 December 2020.

    Extra Tesco Clubcard points offer terms and conditions

    When you spend £60 or more in Tesco or at Tesco.com until 13 December 2020, using the credit card identified in your email, we’ll double the extra Tesco Clubcard point you collect, on qualifying spend.

    So, for every £4 you spend on your credit card, you’ll collect 2 Clubcard points instead of 1. And that’s on top of your standard Clubcard points. Additional Terms and Conditions

    Your extra Clubcard points will be added in time for your February Clubcard statement, when they’ll get turned into Clubcard vouchers that you can spend in-store, online or get even more value with Clubcard Reward Partners.

    Additional Clubcard points are only available to customers using credit card numbers identified in their offer email.

      Important Information

      It’s important to know that you will be charged interest unless you pay off your statement balance in full or have a 0% interest period on purchases.

      You also need to have available credit to avoid incurring fees.

          An example of how your Clubcard points could add up


          Collect Tesco Clubcard points as you spend

          If you had qualifying spend of £60 on your credit card in Tesco or Tesco.com, you would collect 15 Clubcard points for using your credit card and 15 extra Clubcard points as part of this offer.


          Get your Clubcard vouchers

          As well as the extra Clubcard points you’d collect 60 Clubcard points as standard. Your 15 extra Clubcard points will be added to your Clubcard account by 28 January 2021 when they can be turned into Clubcard vouchers.


          Use your Clubcard vouchers

          You can use your Clubcard vouchers at tesco.com, in store or on Tesco fuel. Or get even more value with Clubcard Reward Partners.

          Important information

          Credit card Clubcard points

          Use your Tesco Bank Credit Card wherever you see the Mastercard logo. You’ll collect Clubcard points on almost everything you buy.

          • You collect 1 Clubcard point for every £4 spent in Tesco and 1 Clubcard point for every £8 spent outside Tesco in each purchase transaction.
          • There are some products at Tesco you can't collect Clubcard points on. Find out more about collecting Clubcard points at the Tesco Clubcard website.
          • Clubcard points can't be collected on Tesco Travel money purchases
          • Clubcard points collection rates are subject to change.
          • You must have available credit.

          The Tesco Clubcard Scheme is administered by Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, Shire Park, Kestrel Way, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1GA, who are responsible for fulfilling Clubcard points.

            Extra Clubcard points offer additional Terms and Conditions

            Qualifying spend includes any purchase transactions in Tesco Stores UK (excluding Tesco Mobile, Tesco Travel Money, International Money Transfers, Gift Cards, Tesco and Esso Petrol Filling Stations, third party retailers in Tesco), Tesco.com (excluding Tesco e- gift cards) and F&F clothing.

            ATM withdrawals and cash transactions are not considered spend transactions and do not qualify for points.

            Transactions made from 16 November 2020 to 13 December 2020 inclusive will be assessed for additional Clubcard points and added to your Tesco Clubcard account by 28 January 2021. You’ll be able to see these Clubcard points in your Clubcard account or on the Clubcard app and on your quarterly statement in February.

            Any refunds that you receive for returned items up to 28 days after the 13 December 2020 will be deducted from your qualifying spend.